V for Victory: outdoor stage in Toronto


It is ALWAYS easy to find seats at the Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall outdoor area).

Perhaps it has been that there were no events planned on the day I visited, or I happened to pass through at an early hour(11:00 am?), or I am incredibly just lucky at finding empty seats. OR, could it be that the Square is an “uninspiring” place for Torontonians / tourists who are not interested in visiting? Continue reading

Last Day of Summer

2013-08-27 090

It has been a busy summer….with many work deadlines, and overseeing the construction work of one particularly stressful project with aggressive work schedules.  It is unbelievable that I am facing the fall weather(aka mild(?) winter weather) in Toronto!  I did not even have a chance to record all the great summer events I had been to….wait, that did not happen! Continue reading

Business of Design


“My business is not doing well”

That was exactly how the conversation started when I picked up the phone while I was in the middle of trying to finish one of many deadlines I was working on at the office.  For a moment, I thought the caller dialed a wrong number, so I started to answer with an automatic “you must have called a wrong number.  This is an architecture office….” reply.  When I was about to hang up, the caller said that he called the right number, and said one of my past clients had given him my contact number.  I was intrigued…..

Continue reading

The Incredible Power of Words


It is always fascinating to meet a person and learn about his/her business. The knowledge I discover from their “behind the story” on how they started their business, and how they are working at building those businesses are inspiring.  Recently I met such a person who is in the middle of that exciting journey….she gave me the wisdom on the importance of marketing:  POWER OF WORDS.

Please meet Cathleen Fillmore, President of Speakers Gold bureau (www.speakersgold.com) who is a leader and well-respected expert in the speaking and meeting planning industry.  She founded and is past president of the Atlantic branch of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers.  She also has been an essential mentor in her role marketing consultant to hundreds of speakers – ranging from beginners to Hall of Fame speakers – showing them how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and dramatically increase their income.


The Incredible Power of Words    Words can start wars.  Or end them.  They can attract clients, repel them or leave them indifferent.

Some words inspire, others deflate.  Energetic, enthusiastic, lively are uplifting.  Demoralized, ineffective, dumb just suck your energy. Continue reading

Plant Wall


Thinking about the work during my weekend run NEVER happens!

Maybe it has to do with getting to my favorite coffee shop as fast as I can, or it may be because I cannot think straight due to the exhaustion caused by the run. Whatever the case may be, that was exactly what happen last weekend. Every Saturday morning, I run (more like a really fast walk) along the Yonge Street (Eglinton to Lawrence Ave) for a half an hour, and then stop at the Tim Holten’s coffee shop for my 1st(?) coffee of the day /much needed break for another half an hour or longer….. after the break, I start walking back home. It has been pretty consistent for this whole summer until last week.


For most days, the thought of getting my first coffee in my hand forces me to run/walk as fast as I can, so it is not easy to notice many things along the way.  Continue reading

White Out

IMG_1276 - Version 2

Not sure why I do not like wearing white…

I think I have about five white tops and one white skirt all together in my closet. Yes, ONE white skirt!!! I suppose my avoidance has to do with some practical, as well as psychological reasons; not wanting to try different stain removal detergent for that omni present coffee stain could be the big practical reason. In addition, I somehow bought into the idea that white outfits are not as flattering(?)as dark ones. (There is something about the BLACK outfits that makes the look complete, and even I dare to say they look professional.)   Continue reading