White Out

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Not sure why I do not like wearing white…

I think I have about five white tops and one white skirt all together in my closet. Yes, ONE white skirt!!! I suppose my avoidance has to do with some practical, as well as psychological reasons; not wanting to try different stain removal detergent for that omni present coffee stain could be the big practical reason. In addition, I somehow bought into the idea that white outfits are not as flattering(?)as dark ones. (There is something about the BLACK outfits that makes the look complete, and even I dare to say they look professional.)   Continue reading

Story of past New Yorker

i_love_new_york_city_silhouette_of_ny_postcard    It was Thanksgiving Holiday  weekend in the year 2006, and I was living in Manhattan upper east side area with two other roommates trying to live the “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” life.   At the time, I had already been living in Manhattan for over 10 years….way longer than my original plan; having “a few” years of work experience in NYC after graduate school (Columbia University), and then moving back to Toronto.

Well, that did not happen…. During one of the fateful days in that holiday weekend while having the quiet late lunch by myself at the apartment, it suddenly occurred to me; Why am I doing this?    Why am I here? Why? Why? Why?  There were many “why” questions about my life at that moment.   Continue reading

Whatever happened to the renovation project you worked on for your family?




I found this question to be puzzling…instead of sounding like a question, it sounds more like a comment, in fact more like a STATEMENT that needs to be declared.  Over time, I learned from other architects that they themselves had the same experience working on family member projects, and the results have not been less than perfect(?).  I heard from one architect that he would  NEVER work for family projects!!!   Continue reading

Sustainable Outfit


What is your oldest clothing item in your closet?

Mine happens to be over 20 years!!!  It is the denim skirt I bought for myself in my high school years, and for some reason, I have a difficulty getting rid of it.  Each year, I decided to purge my closet and faced with this particular clothing item, I am paralyzed.  Typically, I can make decisions fairly quickly and decisively; however, when it comes to this ITEM, I am stuck!  While having a conversation in my head about why “I need to keep it for one more year, just in case” talk, I inevitably end up keeping it each year.  I suppose my need to “keep it for one more year” reasons could be varied:  sentimental value, style coming back, and also the ego boosting quality about the item, I CAN STILL FIT into the clothing item I wore in my high school years!   Continue reading

old & new

ROM 030-edit

I What is my favorite building in Toronto?
It is definitely NOT the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) building (http://www.rom.on.ca/en).  My architecture style leans towards more clean lines and “site specific” buildings, which translate as buildings that correspond to surrounding area.   When I start working on designing the buildings, my first instinct is to think of the building and how that building will work with the neighbouring area. However, the ROM seems to “ignore” all the surrounding elements: old existing stone building coming right next to new building, triangular piece of building jutting out to sidewalk, random shape of windows pointing to many different directions, etc.   Continue reading

Extreme Prepration: love of bullet points


Everyone knows that I love bullet points.

When I say “everyone” I meant everyone who knows me: work collegues, personal friends, family members, friends of friends…you get the picture.  The idea of using the bullet points rather than describing something through writing is so much easier, quicker, and to some extent, even makes stronger point.  Of course what is better than using bullet points is crossing off those points(tasks) with my beloved thick red pens to put the check marks next to them:  COMPLETED!

However, there is one major problem with using bullet points in one area of my life: writing.  It is difficult to convey ideas just with points (although I had tried that with my friends in the past which drove them crazy) when I need to describe or  explain.   Continue reading