Why the Blog? (PART 3)

my sketch book

PART 3: To create:

To complete an architecture project from the beginning to the end, there are many different stages that go into the whole process: design, collaboration (many different consultants such as engineers), and construction.  These stages can be interrupted with numerous changes and updates that need be constantly resolved throughout the project.  As a result, the final built project may not look like how it started with an initial sketch, but something that looks entirely different.  Despite the visual difference, the process of getting to the successful built project comes from one coherent idea that stays on throughout the project.   Continue reading →

Why the blog? (PART 2)

PART 2:  To Improve:   I do not enjoy writing.  In fact, the word, “HATE” would be better to describe the exact feeling I have when I have to think about start writing for any tasks: project proposals, recommendation letters, emails!  Yes, even the short and concise business emails, therefore I use bullet points extensively to describe what needs to be said in my emails.  Of course, bullet points without explanations can be confusing and time consuming since these short emails have be explained further by additional emails back and forth or even the phone calls are needed.   Continue reading →

Why the blog? (PART 1)


I have been contemplating/asking this question for some time to myself, as well as to the bloggers out there.  No clear answers, however some fuzzy thoughts started to emerge when I sat down with my spiral steno pad with the title, WHY THE BLOG?

There are three parts (answers) to this blog entry to explain my thought processes: First, the reason for diving into three parts to this entry is to  eliminate the painful process of completing one long blog entry, and the second is to create the illusion of having more entries to this very new and bare blog.  Here is my first reason to that very important WHY question….

PART 1: To Record:  Asking the question, “why” to creating this blog has not been a productive one.  Running an architecture firm with many daily activities such as designing, going to job site, meeting clients, fighting contractors, and then to top it off with adding another huge project, this BLOG does not seem like a sensible thing to do.

However, my sensible approach to work has been tested about a year ago when I happen to read my old diaries which were written over ten to fifteen years ago.   To read and remember what I was going through at that time was an eye opening experience due to not only writing down my thoughts, but also keeping the diary.  I was grateful to myself for keeping two boxes of my life that reveal a big part of my thoughts at the time…..which became a crucial source in illustrating how my life developed over the years.  It is time to start recording my life again…