What happens at the architecture school admission interview?

ImageOne of the most surprising and enjoyable “life outside of the office” activities happen in the fall each year:  interviewing students for architecture school admission process. The decision to get involved with the admission interview process has been an accidental one:  while being the president of Cornell Alumni Club in Toronto a few years ago, I met many capable students who were contemplating a different career path which they were eager to speak to older Cornell graduates about. One day, I was contacted by an undergraduate student who was interested in the graduate architecture program, and asked for a meeting to get some advices on her future education. I was impressed with her initiative and resourcefulness….I had to meet her. After the meeting with the student, I made the decision to get involved with the official admission interview process.   Continue reading →

How to improve Art Gallery space


Visiting the art gallery space reminds me the time I was a student at the architecture school years ago: big white walls with paintings, people mulling over each works, making comments about the works. Although this blog is about “life outside of the office,” it is not easy to see and experience outside of office life without having my “architect glasses” on.

Attending the recent art gallery exhibit was a good example of seeing things with my “architect glasses.” After getting introduced to the art pieces in the main gallery, I saw a narrow staircase in the center of the opposite wall. Although, it was a small stair, but it was located in the center of the wall, it was difficult to ignore it. I assumed the stair was to get to a non-art exhibit space: storage, utility closet, bathrooms, etc. Since I assumed the area above the stair to be a utility space, I did not bother to walk up which other visitors seem to assume as well.   Continue reading →

Unexpected Red


I am a creature of habit:  waking up at the same time, ordering the same dishes at the restaurants, using the same machines at the gym, selecting the same color for the work folders….I am sure you get the picture.

Apparently, I am that same habit creature when it comes to method of public transportation: subway. More correctly, it is the same subway exits. The couple of weeks ago, I got off at the subway station, Queens Park, and instead of taking my “one and only exit” on the RIGHT side, I somehow ventured into unknown territory:  exit on the LEFT side!  It must have been the craziness of seeing the Christmas shopping list, shopping bags on my hands, trying to handle coffee cup in one hand (with the shopping bag)…… Continue reading →