Traditional chess gets a makeover


The game of chess has always given me an impression that is best summed up in one word – boring. My lack of interest in this game manifested itself early in my childhood when I quit the chess class that my parents signed me up for after the first lesson. When the word “chess” is mentioned, a picture of the typical chess board and pieces come to mind – a flat square piece of wood with alternating dark and light squares to form a checker pattern with wooden pieces – king, queen, rooks, bishops, knights and pawns – that sit flat on the chess board, motionless.   Continue reading →

Is that a Starbucks?


Coffee is definitely a must item for me!  Cannot start the day without one and then another one after lunch, and maybe another….you get the picture.  While having a conversation with  Alissa (friend/ design enthusiast/pianist) about the best places to have coffee, she tells me that there is a Starbucks store in China that I absolutely need to visit, and sends me the photo to prove.   After looking at the photo, I cannot help but to wish for our own Canadian version of Starbucks here.    Please meet Alissa Wang and enjoy her very 1st blog entry and there will be more entries to come…   Continue reading →

What do you do on your day off?

blog June 023

Well…it is difficult to remember the last time when I actually had a day off, especially most recent months with a crazy work schedule.   With working on a couple of projects and running  an  architecture  firm, I had to think about my “day off” activities.   Instead of being able to come up with my “day off” activities, I realize I do have my favorite “moment off” times I enjoy, especially in the midst of trying to cross off some of the difficult/time to consuming to-do lists in a typical workday.   Continue reading →

How to reduce construction cost?


The word, “construction administration” should be changed to “construction budgets all the time!”

Today’s blog entry is the beginning of many entries that will describe one particular residential renovation project from our office, Studio Jonah.  It will focus on one phase of the project, Construction Administration (CA).  It is the stage where all the planned designs get followed and executed according to architecture design drawings our office produced  (building permit set).    Continue reading →