How to win government projects?


I will never apply for RFP’s!

It is typical comments I hear a lot from architects about how they feel about participating RFP’s (Request For Proposal) to pursue government projects.  RFP’s are like resumes for individuals, or marketing materials for companies with one distinction:  many guidelines, in fact, many strict guidelines!  The way one would prepare for RFP is different from how one would prepare for resumes/ company marketing materials;  it is not only about  highlighting individual’s  or company’s professional experience, which translates to how capable they are, and therefore, they should be selected for the job and projects.  For RFP’s, one cannot highlight his/her capabilities without going through and checking off many bullet points  in advance:  To be allowed ” to participate in the RFP process, there are many initial bullet points the architecture firms to be able to check off.  Without meeting these requirements, the rest of a submission package will not be considered period.    Continue reading →