First Day of Renovation


It is often said that business owners should not work for/with family members.

However, that is exactly what I decide to do beginning of this year taking on the renovation project for my parent’s house….I have to admit there were definitely some advantages to “getting selected” for the project, and one of those advantages is that I was given complete discretionary power over what and how to design all the way to executing those design ideas.   Continue reading →

Shopping Experience vs. Shopping Items


A few days ago, I brought a couple of friends who were touring Toronto for the first time on a downtown shopping tour. I proudly showed them to the Holt Renfrew flagship store on Bloor Street. I led them straight to the shoe boutique upstairs, my all time favorite section of the store because of its huge and impressive selection of shoes. To my surprise, the first thing my friend asked was, “Why does this place look like a grocery store?” As a shopping addict, I have always put all of my focus on the fashion items themselves rather than the shopping environment, but this time, it hit me. I wanted to answer, it doesn’t, but looking at the boutique as a whole for the first time, it did.   Continue reading →