Perfect VOID

One of the most unexpected, but wonderful tours happened two days before leaving Seoul, Korea:  the walkway at the Ehwa University.  It is a well-recognized women’s university in Seoul, and my initial plan was to check out the school, and do some shopping around the campus(always!), as well as hanging out at some cute coffee shops I heard so much about from the people I met in Seoul.   Continue reading →

Vertical City

This is the very first view I had when I walked into the hotel in Seoul, Korea: view from the 39th floor overlooking the entire city!  Although, I was too tired from the 13-hour  flight / one hour on the taxi from the airport to the hotel, I had to take these pictures. It was important to capture that particular moment for me to remember for years to come: my tiredness from the trip, and how that feeling matched the gloominess of the city at the moment.

Seoul is known to be a dense and populous city, however, seeing the density from the 39th floor  gave me a whole different perspective: people working out and  hanging out on green roofed buildings reminded me of the word, “vertical city” I had learned years ago.    Continue reading →

Seoul Trip

After going through crazy work schedules due to a couple of different projects throughout the summer, getting an invitation to join my sister to her conference in Seoul, Korea sounded like an amazing opportunity: while she attends her law conference, I get to explore the city I have not been back since 2008! This photo is taken while I was waiting to get into the plane at the Pearson Airport while jotting down my to do list for Seoul, Korea trip.