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What is my favorite building in Toronto?
It is definitely NOT the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) building (http://www.rom.on.ca/en).  My architecture style leans towards more clean lines and “site specific” buildings, which translate as buildings that correspond to surrounding area.   When I start working on designing the buildings, my first instinct is to think of the building and how that building will work with the neighbouring area. However, the ROM seems to “ignore” all the surrounding elements: old existing stone building coming right next to new building, triangular piece of building jutting out to sidewalk, random shape of windows pointing to many different directions, etc.   Continue reading →

Extreme Prepration: love of bullet points

Everyone knows that I love bullet points.

When I say “everyone” I meant everyone who knows me: work collegues, personal friends, family members, friends of friends…you get the picture.  The idea of using the bullet points rather than describing something through writing is so much easier, quicker, and to some extent, even makes stronger point.  Of course what is better than using bullet points is crossing off those points(tasks) with my beloved thick red pens to put the check marks next to them:  COMPLETED!

However, there is one major problem with using bullet points in one area of my life: writing.  It is difficult to convey ideas just with points (although I had tried that with my friends in the past which drove them crazy) when I need to describe or  explain.   Continue reading →

Green Crush: importance of investment coat

Having over 50 coats?

I recently read an article about a fashion editor who loves buying coats more than any other clothing items:   shoes, bags, jewelries, etc.    It is a sentiment I completely understand since I have that same feeling towards buying and collecting coats and jackets.  In fact, I have my own code name for this activity, “acquisition.”  Like developers acquiring their real estate properties, or car collectors buying another car, I take my “acquiring” process seriously; first with a quick mental calculation on how many times I will be wearing the item, and then comparing to the price I will be paying, and why it is a good idea (not always) to buy that one importance piece of a clothing items.   When I cannot justify/ explain/ validate the reason for buying one more coat, I once had given myself the permission to say, “You cannot have too many coats in Toronto”   Continue reading →