V for Victory: outdoor stage in Toronto

It is ALWAYS easy to find seats at the Nathan Phillips Square (Toronto City Hall outdoor area).

Perhaps it has been that there were no events planned on the day I visited, or I happened to pass through at an early hour(11:00 am?), or I am incredibly just lucky at finding empty seats. OR, could it be that the Square is an “uninspiring” place for Torontonians / tourists who are not interested in visiting? Continue reading →

Last Day of Summer

It has been a busy summer….with many work deadlines, and overseeing the construction work of one particularly stressful project with aggressive work schedules.  It is unbelievable that I am facing the fall weather(aka mild(?) winter weather) in Toronto!  I did not even have a chance to record all the great summer events I had been to….wait, that did not happen! Continue reading →

Business of Design

“My business is not doing well”

That was exactly how the conversation started when I picked up the phone while I was in the middle of trying to finish one of many deadlines I was working on at the office.  For a moment, I thought the caller dialed a wrong number, so I started to answer with an automatic “you must have called a wrong number.  This is an architecture office….” reply.  When I was about to hang up, the caller said that he called the right number, and said one of my past clients had given him my contact number.  I was intrigued…..

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