Being A Tourist In My Own City – Doors Open Toronto

Recently I’ve realized I take my city for granted because I forget that people from all over the world actually come and see these places I past every day. It takes a special event to rekindle the local tourist in me. This year it was a Toronto event called “Doors Open”. It offers free and rare access to many significant buildings across the city.  If you missed it this year- there’s always the next!

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Home Staging 101: exclusive insights from Julie O, Lux Furniture Rentals

I am old-school when it comes to creating relationships…I believe in face to face meetings, making/receiving first impressions, possibly even hand shakes to decide whether I want to do business with the person or not.  I know there will be many people who are rolling their eyes being in the age of just “googling” everything.

So, imagine my horror when I realized that I did not have a single person in my over 1000 contacts in my iPhone to help one of my clients on their home staging work- I had to get serious, google it.

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Modern Day Survival Of the Fittest

I was crossing the street and just as I stepped off the curb, a car decided that I was walking too slow and proceeded to make their right turn. I was OK but needless to say I was both appalled and frightened. These accounts are not anything rare in the city of Toronto where pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles fight for their share of the road. (There’s even a hashtag called #TODeadlyStreets) Metro, our local newspaper has recently and continuously published multiple articles outlining these events. One of their publications is a live updated map of where fatalities have happened throughout 2016.

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Can Architecture Become More Open To Bigger Public?

We architects constantly discuss the importance of promoting our profession to general public; what we do, how we do it,  and most importantly, why the rest of population needs us.  However it is not always an easy task to accomplish, and therefore it was interesting to hear from a recent graduate from University of Toronto Architecture School  (aka millennial) and her take on the idea of “approachable architecture.”

See the Studio Jonah blog to read her story….