Fashioned ARCHITECTURE vs architectured FASHION

If we looked at a city the same way we looked into a closet, we would find that both have seemingly endless different styles, materials, colours and patterns. 

Both architecture and fashion are built upon the principals of design being materialized into something essential and a part of daily life. We wake up, get dressed and leave the house and embark for the day. It is without a doubt that architecture and fashion, hand in hand, has symbolically grown together to shape the world we know today.


Like fashion, architecture historically repeats itself, what was beautiful then are and can still be beautiful today. Take the Maxi skirt, super trendy then, even more so today. What about the Colosseum in Rome? Impressive then, and even more monumental today.

A literal sense of architectured fashion, but this dress is made from rattan and roof shingles!


Even more alike is fashion and architecture’s tendencies to follow the same design principals (as with many design fields actually). Think colour, Like the pleats in a skirt to windows of a skyscraper. Architecture and fashion has rhythm, repetition, that shape its form. Or like the fine creases on pants to the columns at an entrance, both employ linear aesthetics that embody an appearance of tidiness.

Like a building at night, this dress illuminates, revealing its structure and elegant details.


Finally, can we ascertain that the saying, “dress to impress” is applicable to architecture too? Like the stiff collar of a blouse to a mighty solid column of a tower. Both convey a perceived sense of authority, strength, and confidence. Why else do architecture of banks try to look mighty and powerful?

Clear geometric patterns line the facade and the concrete archway frames a shaded path. A cohesive look at the design elements: texture, unity, harmony, scale, balance, shape and hierarchy.

So, is architecture fashioned and fashion architectured? I would love to hear your thoughts on their similarities ( or differences!)

Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works:

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