Everyday Fashion of Roma, Italia!

Italy is one of the leading countries that strive in fashion, with Milan being one of the top 4 cities of fashion. Rome is occasionally listed in the top 5! So, aside the fact that I am an architecture student, design being integral to my everyday life, I do enjoy keeping up with fashion trends! Here’s a few outfits my friends and I have been wearing to blend into Italian crowd.

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3 Things I Learned in a Day in Rome

“I am still learning.”

Michelangelo, an Italian polymath, who painted the famous “Creation Of Adam”  had said this at age 87. It is without a doubt that all of us learn something new every day, whether we notice it or not is a different story.

I am determined to exemplify this within my daily life and I invite all of you to do the same! Here is my day and my lessons…

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Is proportion and symmetry still relevant in Modern Architecture?

It all sparked from a random, daily thought. I’ve recently been slacking off in terms of workout ever since summer has left our side. I know, just a bunch of excuses, and I’m really “out of shape”. Then a sudden thought came to me: is proportion and symmetry still relevant these days? A perfect geometry, golden ratio and all?

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