Everyday Fashion of Roma, Italia!

Italy is one of the leading countries that strive in fashion, with Milan being one of the top 4 cities of fashion. Rome is occasionally listed in the top 5! So, aside the fact that I am an architecture student, design being integral to my everyday life, I do enjoy keeping up with fashion trends! Here’s a few outfits my friends and I have been wearing to blend into Italian crowd.

How to dress like a local..

One of my roommates being a good sport in letting me feature her “interview” outfit she had on today!

She is wearing a comfortable turtle neck knit dress from H&M- it being winter doesn’t stop us from dressing trendy so a knitwear will keep us warm. The only downside is not having pockets… but luckily we have a  small over-the-shoulder purse!


A simple folded buckle leather purse!

This purse with an elegant leather belt, ties the outfit all together with nice autumn heels from Mauro Leone.



These lace up ankle boots can go from casual to work appropriate!


Opting for a casual look with buckled ankle boots and a nice jean romper. I know we’re soon-to-be-architects, but more the reason to wear anything but black, so bring on the mustard yellow tights and red handbag! We winterize this outfit by bringing in the heavy salt and peppered jacket (which I didn’t end up having to wear since it was 17 degrees celsius- thankful to escape the Canadian winter even for a little bit longer)!


These casual ankle boots feature two straps that buckle together- they are also from Mauro Leone.


The red bag, I bought in Florence, which is famous for their leather market! “Vera Pelle” ensures it’s real leather.


Sometimes when the red is too much (is it clashing with the yellow? somebody tell me!), this natural coloured bucket bag does the job!

So, yes, we may have splurged on a few leather purchases during these recent purposeful wandering trips, but we have decided that they are investments that will last for generations…

Please share your outfit ideas for the winter and how YOU face the cold! After all, there’s no such thing as bad weather only badly dressed!


Author: Crystal Yung

Hello! My name is Crystal Yung and I am an undergraduate student studying architecture at the University of Waterloo. Please feel free to check our my online portfolio of my works: https://issuu.com/crystalyung/docs/portfolio_2017

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