“I’ll miss winter” said no one ever, until today

Did someone just say Spring? That’s right — you can already feel that Spring is just around the corner: warmer air, longer days, less puffy jackets and winter boots! (Remind you though, Toronto just experienced a dramatic temperature drop from 12 to -6C!) I must admit, I feel more motivated, active and brighter as the weather gets warmer, but there are certainly things that we can appreciate more only in winter!

1) Skating

Harbourfront Rink (Source)

I consider myself competent in most kinds of sports but winter sports, except for snow tubing and skating. Of course, I can’t glide and dance around the ice rink and all I do is try my best to not lose balance and keep moving. There is certain satisfaction you can get from skating: frosty air rising from ice, gentle breeze through your hair, and most importantly, having fun with family and friends!

2) Workout

Are you perhaps one of those who add ‘workout/exercise regularly’ as your (every) new year resolutions? (I can imagine many hands) Three months in, have you been keeping up with your plans? If yes, good for you! If not, I’m honestly on the same page. The change of weather is a great reminder that you need to get back on your workout routine — whether you are planning for summer holiday or simply trying to have a healthier lifestyle!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset(Living in Downtown, my routine involves running towards Waterfront – 5.0km in total)

Personally, I like to workout when the weather is cooler (in winter) because I like to feel the sweat from exercise, not from heat (in summer). If you are tired of treadmill running or working out indoor, I recommend you to try jogging/running around the city (of course, safety first and no loud music!).

3) Ice Cream

Feel free to disagree with me or call me insane if you want, but I LOVE having ice cream in winter (and in general, obviously). Listen up — you cannot deny that you do drink hot coffee in summer, am I right? It’s basically the same logic, and plus ice cream tastes better (no scientific proof though) and stays frozen in winter.



I was deeply sad when one of my favourite ice cream parlours Scoop Shop on Dundas West closed its only physical store last year. Fortunately, I found a new place for my list: Death in Venice. Not only they serve a variety of flavours for gelato, they are a-mazingly delicious and offer savoury food as well.

Winter in Toronto feels especially long — almost half a year. Living in a grey gloominess can drain the energy out of you. On a positive note, that’s why we look forward to what is coming next — spring! And plan and prepare for it, which makes our life more fulfilling. Just think of winter as a pause after busy months of summer. It will come back again, but today, I say I’ll miss it.

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