What I Wore – The Best Trends to Follow for the Warming Weather

Do you ever notice that as soon as the weather gets even remotely warm in Toronto, everyone seems to be wearing summer clothing? It’s like we can’t even wait the few months that spring lasts to wear our summer wardrobes. Welcome to Canada where we suffer from such cold winters that after winter ends, 20 degrees feels like a beach day..

Anyway, it appears that I’m guilty of jumping into summer clothing maybe just a bit too early. I can’t resist! The bright skies and warm sun call to me, almost telling me to put on a summery top and go enjoy the weather outside. Today was particularly warm compared to the somewhat gloomy weather we’ve been accustomed to in Toronto as of late.. Since it was Mother’s Day this weekend, I decided to spend the day with my mom. We went for a nice walk and ended up back home with a glass of wine on our patio. What a great day!

Here are a few trends I’ve subscribed to lately:

The Off-the-Shoulder Look



I love seeing all the flowers in bloom during the spring months. This breezy, off-the-shoulder blush pink top from H&M screams spring to me! I feel like it just fits in perfectly with the fresh blooms.


The Perfect Flat


These black calfskin leather espadrilles by Coach are giving me life this spring! They’re the perfect flat to throw on with a casual day out and about because they’re both comfortable and totally on-trend!


The Stacked Bracelets


Throw on some dangle bracelets and you’re set! I also love mis-matching gold and silver jewelry.. it gives the look a bit of variety.


The Floral Accessory




Of course, by the end of the walk I had flowers in my hair. I guess I’m a flower child at heart! My birthday is in May so I guess it makes sense..

How about you guys? Are you as excited as I am to wear some summer clothes? Thanks for hanging out!

xo R

Author: Rachel Mostert

Just a fashion girl lookin' to show some blog love. :)

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