The Ins and Outs of Athleisure – How to Wear Athleisure in your Everyday Life

Hey guys! I’m excited to talk about one of my favourite trends today… athleisure! Seriously though.. how can you not love wearing comfy clothes outside of the gym or your home and still looking totally chic?!

I’m all about the comfort – especially if I have a busy day ahead of me! Most often, it’s students that you see rocking this trend out for a busy day of classes or hard at work at the library. Since I’m (very recently) not a student anymore, I’ve had to adapt to embracing athleisure outside of a school setting.. and it’s totally doable!



Some of the most recognized brands that make athleisure-inspired clothing are actually the brands that also make performance athletic wear. This means that often, their ‘athleisure’ or more generalized and everyday lines are well fitted and (most importantly) super comfortable. Some of my favourites are lululemon, Nike, Adidas, and Lole! Here are a few things I’ve noticed about the trend:


Running Shoes with Everything


Literally – everything. Jeans, yoga pants, dresses – the list goes on! And recently I think the widespread acceptance of running shoes outside of the gym has only grown (yay!). The shoe itself doesn’t matter.. as long as it’s comfortable and isn’t too sporty (ex: don’t wear a soccer cleat or a basketball shoe), anything goes! In my opinion, this part of the trend is one of the most exciting for Toronto natives because we’re constantly commuting across the city. Having a comfortable shoe to wear makes such a huge difference.


Are Leggings Pants?


Yes! No! …. Ok sometimes. If you’re wearing a legging that provides some support and sufficient coverage (very important), then go for it! This trend becomes a problem when the legging is see-through – no one wants that. Just do a little check before you buy them to make sure they’re not sheer!


Does this Baseball Cap Make me Look too Sporty?


Not possible. Baseball caps are totally in style right now.. and not just for Jays games! I feel like as we move into warmer weather, baseball caps are great because they’re functional and cute. Protection from the sun is always in style.. Not to mention they hide a bad hair day very well. 😉



What do you think of the athleisure trend? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know!


xo R

Author: Rachel Mostert

Just a fashion girl lookin' to show some blog love. :)

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