What I Wore – My Go-To for A Night Out

Hey everyone! Hope you guys have been enjoying the ridiculously warm weather that Toronto has been blessed with lately.. I’m loving it! The best part is not having to grab a jacket or a scarf on my way out the door just in case it’s cold but then halfway through the day having to carry it around because it’s super hot out. Gotta love spring.

Anyway, as the nicer weather rolls in I find that most people start to want to spend their weekend nights outside on a patio. I’m definitely one of those people. Lately I’ve found that I’ve been having nights out on the town much more than in the cooler weather, so I thought I’d share an outfit I wore. I actually recently wore this to a grad party I had with my classmates (I graduate today – yay!!). We were at a friend’s house and we also ended up at a bar later that night.. It was really fun and this outfit was perfect because I wasn’t too hot or too cold.

Fun fact: I also wore this outfit to The Chainsmokers concert that I went to a few weeks ago. I love an outfit that can multi-task!


Black on Black


I’m just gonna be honest with you guys.. most of my wardrobe is black. BUT I did tell you I prefer basics.. and  black is always basic. 🙂 I usually don’t wear black on black, but for a night out I think it’s totally doable – especially with some killer accessories.


Trendy Jewelry


Trendy jewelry is always fun. Something like this choker is super cute and easy to wear (and also really affordable from Forever 21!).


Tank + Ripped Jeans


Seriously my go-to combination for summer nights.. the ripped jeans make the outfit a bit more summer appropriate. 🙂


Strappy Sandals


Strappy sandals like these with a little heel can spruce up an all black outfit like this one. They also give the outfit a bit of an edge!



I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What’s your go-to outfit when you go out with friends? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

xo R


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