To splurge or to save – what I invest in and what I cheap out on

We all have moments when we fall in love with a totally rad garment…until we see the price tag. Yes, I’m talking about those times when we question if $60 for this top is worth it. It’s about investment pieces nowadays. Meanwhile, our inner hoarders will try to convince us that everything is worth investing in. Over the years (and tons of trial and error), I’ve come to make peace with my inner clothing goblin. Here is my wardrobe spending guide- aka. when to splurge and when to save

To splurge $$$



I’m a firm advocate of quality handbags because it holds all our valuable belongings! A fashionista’s bag has to be stylish and reliable- reason enough for me to spend on them. Currently, I own three Michael Kors bags.


Figure-flattering suiting is an essential for any professional woman. It’s way more professional to show up at important meetings/interviews in pristine business wear rather than garb that’s faded or pilling. Banana Republic is my recommendation for this department.


It can be tricky finding a pair of jeans in a style you like that fits well. If you find a pair that fits you like a glove, go for it! In their life cycle, jeans get washed quite often so it’s also important to buy from a brand that makes them resistant to stretching and fading.


A well-fitted jacket or coat can instantly make your outfit look more high class. More importantly, if you live somewhere with brutal winters (*cough* Canada), a durable down coat is worth every penny. It doesn’t have to be Canada Goose- just something that will keep your hide warm.


To save $



My reasoning here is that we collect an abundance of tops over the years and only wear one a day. Trends and personal style are always changing too, so I cheap out on them. Most of mine are from lower end stores like Bluenotes, Urban Planet, and Express.

Leggings / tights

There are plenty of places to get expensive leggings and tights, but nothing beats Forever XXI basics in my book. They have the lowest prices you’ll find at a mall. Also, I go through leggings and tights like the Hulk goes through shirts.

Replace often’s

I’m a penny pincher with everything that needs to be replaced often. Why send more on socks at the mall when you can buy them in bulk at Costco? I also know that I get tired with accessories quickly, which is why I buy them cheap from Claire’s and Ardene.


Either goes $$



We need good shoes if we’re on our feet all day….but then again there are so many styles and we can’t splurge on every single one! I say invest in “essential” shoes (like ankle boots, classic pumps, and trainers) and cheap out on “fashion” shoes (like strappy cheetah print sandals).


I know a lot of women feel more confident wearing classy lingerie. It never appealed to me, but I understand that it’s a form of self care. Still, I can’t deny my love for cute bras and panties, which is why clearance sales at La Senza and Victoria’s Secret are one of my life’s blessings.

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