My favorite (and surprisingly frugal) ootd’s for work

Dressing for work in a creative environment is challenging. I work at a hair and beauty store in Toronto’s financial district, so what I wear is pretty monumental to the job. When I first started, they told me to “dress like you’re going on a first date”, which really confused me. First, I haven’t been on a first date in ages since I’m in a committed relationship. Also, I’m the type of person who’d show up to a first date in a sack to see their reaction. After days of going in under-dressed or over-dressed, I finally found a good balance. These are my top three ootd’s, hopefully those of you in similar jobs can get some inspo!

Outfit 1: Purple butterfly


Remember this skirt from my post on styling under-worn clothes? I totally fell in love with how flowy and comfortable this skirt is! It’s prefect for pairing a crop top to wear to work since it’s high-waisted and also long enough avoid flashing our corporate customers. I’ve gotten compliments on this suede top, which I bought from Urban Planet for $25. It’s more than what I usually spend on a top, but I couldn’t resist those sleeves.


Outfit 2: Samurai


This black cape is dubbed the “samurai robe” by my co-worker. Cape blazers have become so trendy the past few years. It’s a contemporary spin on a generally formal garment. I even get compliments from the customers whenever I wear it! Believe it or not, it was $15 from a Siren’s outlet. I love to wear mine with pleather pants ($10 from the outlet) and sneakers, but it goes great with a white dress too.


Outfit 3: Glam punk


This blue suede “skirt” is actually midi-length body con dress. It may seem unconventional to pair a sweater with a dress, but there’s good reason for it. You can leave the sweater on for a more casual look. Then, if you’re going out for dinner, but take the sweater off and you’ll be looking polished in a nice dress! I call this look glam punk since it pairs suede and ribbons with sequins and a statement chain, I got this dress on sale for $30 at M Boutique. The sequined sweater and necklace were around $12 each from Kind Exchange.


Hopefully I’ve proved once again that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to look put together! Let me know in the comments below~

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