Non-excessive ways to get your fall fashion started early

The season of pumpkin spice is near! Also known as sweater weather or Halloween time. However, the transition from late summer to early autumn can be an awkward time. In Toronto, fall fashions are hitting the shelves while afternoons can still be stifling. Summer’s not quite over, but at the same time, I can’t wait to unleash my inner Morticia Addams. If you’ve had enough of summer, here are some little things I’ve been doing to jump start my fall style without having to switch out my whole wardrobe.

Mauve toned nails and lips

Lolita - Kat Von D                                                                                                                                                                                 MorePink mauve nails are great for the summer to fall beauty transition. Photo via Beauty There

I find that the best way to wear the next season’s colours without looking strange is to do so in small doses. For instance, subbing out summery pastels for more demured colours. Dusty pinks are great for the this transition period since they’re so classy and understated. I usually wait until October to break out the oxblood lipsticks. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Tarte Lip Paint. NYX Lip Lingerie is a great less pricey alternative. People at work always ask what I’m wearing!


Swapping out the sandals

Sneakers femme - Adidas Superstar Rose Gold(©footlockereu) - Adidas Shoes for Woman - Bootie

Nothing says summer quite like flip flops. Another simple way to look less summer-y is to wear shoes that cover more of your feet. Fashion sneakers are great for looking casual but trendy. There’s also never a wrong time to wear ankle boots (in my opinion at least). Even classy flats instead of sandals give off a more “autumn” vibe. You’d be amazed by how different footwear can change a whole outfit!


Over the knee socks

Dress: black simple black flannel flannel shirt over the knee socks... ❤ liked…

Too hot out for long pants but not hot enough to go bare-legged? Over the knee socks are all the rave in Asia and have even become trendy here. They’re such a simple way to keep a little warmer while wearing dresses and skirts. Through trial and error I found that H&M is the best place to get high quality over the knee socks for an affordable price.


Light pleather/bomber jackets

Ver esta foto do Instagram de @best_street_styles • 695 curtidas Supernatural Style | https://styletrendsblog.blogspot.coLove this tone in tone bomber jacket, and that pink colour is just fantastic!

Maybe I still haven’t grown out of my scene phase, but I’m obsessed with pleather. Recently, I’ve been pairing outfits with a light black pleather jacket instead of pullovers and cardigans. Now that playful summer is changing into fiery autumn, it’s more acceptable to have “tougher-looking” outerwear. Although afternoons in Toronto have been generally hot, it gets chilly in the evenings. I’ve recently had to borrow a jacket from a friend hosting a rooftop party just so I didn’t freeze that night. And it’s always chilly in the TTC.


Autumn Ombre

Charming and Chic Options for Brown Hair with Highlights ★ See more: loose for the summer with long ombre locks ! The always radiant @glamiris is sporting one of this season’s hottest hairstyles ! Get these easy breezy summer beach waves with our 32mm Classic Wand✨ . #hairoftheday #NuMeStyle #loosewaves

Ever since Michelle Phan’s autumn ombre video, I can’t stop associated coppery hair tones with fall leaves. Ever wondered how you’d look with ombre hair? The transition period is the perfect time to try out red, caramel, or gold tones. The turn of any season is a good time to try out a new hairstyle in general. I’ve recently went from silvery gray to amethyst purple, as you can see in last week’s post.


Have you had enough of summer yet?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

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