Soft grunge style for the fall

If you ask me, one of the biggest fashion tragedies is grunge never really taking off. It started in the 1980’s and peaked around the early 90’s. Silhouettes were androgynous and the entire vibe was very anti-fashion or anti-society. But everything old is new again! With the rise of oversize sweaters, midi skirts, and chokers, 21st century grunge is here to stay. Which is great for people like me who never quite grew out of their teenage aesthetic. This year, I dived straight into autumn with soft grunge. Here’s what I typically wear to be comfortable at work or hanging out over the weekends.

Slouchy tops


A few years ago, I’d refuse to wear anything oversize because I thought it’d make me look like a sack. But now, oversize sweaters have really become a fall and winter staple. They’re so comfortable and can be figure-flattering too if styled right. I tried on this neon yellow sweater from H&M as a joke since it looked so ridiculous on the hanger. Then, I realized that it was quite warm and didn’t as clown-like as I thought! Part of grunge fashion is to do the unexpected and unconventional. 



Leather garments


If you’ve seen my OOTD post, you’d know that I’m obsessed with fake leather. These leather pants have been saving my wardrobe this season. They’re a comfortable alternative to blue jeans (which I am not allowed to wear at my workplace). I find that leather pants can look “formal” as well if they’re styled with a blazer or button up. 

Leather skirts have also become super trendy in the recent years. I like styling my skater skirt with over the knee socks for extra warmth.



Skull accessories


Aside from the obvious choker, another accessory that can give any outfit an edgier look is the skull. Did you know that in some cultures, skulls are considered good luck charms? It is believed that skulls protect the wearer by warding off evil spirits. Hot Topic is one of my favorite places to get really unique jewelry.





Another big part of grunge style is looking like you effortlessly threw your outfit together. Anything and everything is layered- shirts, jackets, necklaces, and bracelets. I typically wear a lot of black when I layer, since it’s the fastest way to make sure everything matches. The general rule of thumb is to pick a graphic tee, layer a button up or flannel, and then throw on a jacket. In Toronto, where the seasons change every day,  outfit with layers are quite useful.



Relaxed hair / smokey makeup


I normally braid extensions into my hair, but lately I’ve been leaving the house with it natural. My interpretation of grunge style is not over complicating your routine. I’m usually all about bold and defined lipstick, but I’ve been gravitating towards the faded lip recently. This new, laid-back beauty routine has been saving about ten minutes every morning.


What have you been obsessed about this fall?

Let’s chat in the comments below~

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