Fall fashion trend if you’re in a weather rut

I’ve found myself falling into a weather rut lately. You know that period of time when you wear the same general thing because of the weather and start feeling “meh”? I love keeping cozy in sweaters and leggings- basically what you’d wear on a relaxed Sunday while enjoying a pumpkin spice latte. But it’s time to break out of the jacket-scarf-and-jeans habit. So just like what we did with spring, let’s defy the ordinary. Instead of a regular pumpkin spice latte, let’s be pumpkin spice lattes with extra whipped cream, sprinkles, and a pumpkin spice cupcake on the side.

[Featured photo by the lovely Samantha]

Thigh highs

Charming Prom Dress,Long Sleeve Prom Dress,Mini Prom Dress,Fashion Homecoming Dress,Sexy Party Dress, New Style Evening DressJessica R. + black thigh high boots + gorgeous suede mini skirt + black turtleneck + stylish + feminine look   Outfit: Kitsch Couture.100 Winter Outfits to Copy Right Now - Wachabuy

If you’ve seen my recent posts, it’s no surprise that I’ve been obsessed with anything thigh high. I found that thigh highs can lengthen the legs regardless if you’re petite or already tall. They can instantly make any outfit more attention grabbing and more glam. My most recent wardrobe purchase was a pair of sparkly thigh high boots from Urban Planet. I’ll have to put a gel sole in them, but they are quite comfortable for a cheap pair of shoes.



Flared coat

Preppy Fashion:Anna Karenina by My Silk Fairytale  MY FAVORITE THING EVER ONE PINTREST, OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL<3Les cheveux, les vêtements, la pirouette, tout est parfait dans cette photo.

I love how feminine and “Dior” the flared silhouette looks. Plus, it’s so figure flattering. The tapered waist and flare would really bring out your natural curves. Banana Republic is my top choice to get something that looks Burberry without the price. In Toronto, we really need to take advantage of autumn weather before it’s back to bulky down jackets again.



Red lips, smokey eyes


As a makeup junkie, I had to write a little tidbit on beauty trends. Now that summer’s over, it’s out with the peaches and pastels and in with the metallics and reds. You know the seasons are changing for real when fall lip shades begin rolling out. I like to take my time to do a shimmery smokey eye, but I’d go for a simple cat eye if I’m in a pinch for time. Of course, no makeup look is complete without lashes! Two palettes I’ve been using a lot recently are the Motives Dynasty and Party Weapon.



Dresses and sweater leggings

Fleece-lined tights

Ready to switch out your summer makeup but not your summer dresses? Me too, girl. Who said dresses should only be worn in the summer anyways? Sweater leggings were made so that they can be worn year round. I used to be so against wearing dresses until I realized how convenient they are. Just throw one on, and that’s your outfit right there. When I shop for dresses, I look for ones that are easy to layer so they’re not limited to one season. For example, something with fitted sleeves and a versatile print is ideal. Honestly, half my wardrobe is dresses at this point.


What have you been wearing this fall?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

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