Fall into the darkness – my frequent ootd’s lately

Just a quick update on my life- I’ve recently gone part time at my job at Trade Secrets so I can find something more corporate. So I’ve been seeing a lot more of my friends and wearing things that would normally be work-dubious. My style has definitely taken a turn for the darker. Here’s my August summer ootd’s for comparison. I’m officially bidding good bye to summer pastels and frills. The following are my top three most frequently worn outfits for the past month. Also known as me asking myself how much I can possibly dress down without looking lazy.

Look 1


This is my go-to outfit for a chill hangout in the city- especially if I know we’re going to be walking around. Months of working full time in retail has gotten me so accustomed to flat shoes that I can’t imagine how I used to live in heels! Somehow, I really like the look of layering something without a hood over something with a hood. I guess there’s something tom-boy about it that draws me in. The leggings I’m wearing here are Uniqlo Heat Tech. They’re super smooth, but they aren’t all they’re hyped up to be. I’ve worn them in various temperatures, and to be honest, they don’t really retain heat. However, I they’re definitely much better than a $3 pair of leggings.


Look 2


This is one of my favorite party dresses from the Wish shopping app. The material’s quite thin so I definitely recommend the black version over the white one. Normally, a short dress would look like a shirt on me, but this one isn’t too scandalously short. I’d put on a whole face of makeup with false eyelashes to go with this dress, but I kept it simple today. Foundation, eyebrows, and mascara are my holy trinity for when I don’t have a lot of time to do makeup.


Look 3



This sweater was jokingly called “satanic” by one of my good friends. I honestly have no clue how I got away with wearing it to work. Again, it’s from the Wish shopping app. Buying cheap clothes online can be a hit or miss, but I’m very happy with this one. It’s not overbearingly thick, but still quite warm. Despite washing it maybe 30 times, the print hasn’t even begun to fade. Layering a chiffon under a sweater is my favorite trick to making it look more polished. This has saved my outfit so many times that I’m honestly considering trying out more colors than just white.


What have you been wearing a lot if?

Let’s chat in the comments below…but first I’m off to get a good night’s sleep to banish the dark circles!

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