Overcoming fashion struggles of a tall gal – this gets deep

Technically, the title should be “overcoming SOME fashion struggles of a tall gal” because there are too many to list! From dresses turning into tops, awkward pant sizes, tops turning into crops, feeling like a giraffe in heels, never finding the right shoulder measurements, tights running short….I’d never stop talking if you got me started. But I am working with a word count here, so I’ve listed a few of my most infuriating tall girl struggles and how I got around them.

Pant sizes from another dimension


This is embarrassing to admit, but adult pant sizes don’t look good on me! If you’re also tall but fairly slim, maybe you know what I mean? Once I tried on a pair of trousers from a classy adult store and they were the most awkward fit. It was a size 2, but they were tight along the calves, baggy on the hips, and the waistband was digging like no tomorrow.

Anyways, I’ve stuck to buying pants and jeans in juniors sizes. Although they’re not really high end, I found that Urban Planet brands make the best fitting jeans for me. For dress pants, I found that sizes according to waist measurements (36, 37, 38, 39) are actually alright.


Dresses turning into tops?!?


I’m a big dress lover and there’s no way in hell I’d ever give up wearing them! But I do get self conscious whenever a regular dress turns into a mini-dress on me (which is all the time). Tights and safety shorts have become my staples to avoid flashing everyone. In cooler weather, I always wear opaque tights if I’m wearing a dress. In the summer when I don’t want to overheat, safety shorts are my savior. They’re super affordable and they really put my mind at ease if I’m going out in a short hemline.

Sadly, I learned the hard way to always try on a dress before I buy it. No matter how cute it is, I don’t feel comfortable in a dress that could be a top (even with opaque tights). About the too-short dresses I own, I’m going to refashion them into tops so I won’t have to part ways.


Could it be mental?

Image result for tall girl struggles

For a long time, heels have been a fashion fear of mine. Although I wanted to wear heels, I didn’t like the feeling of standing out too much. I’ve seen tall gals who will still rock a 5″ stiletto and tall gals who honestly prefer flat shoes. Point is, fashion has a lot of rules and not all rules are meant to be followed. There were things I stayed away from, not because I didn’t like them, but because I thought I shouldn’t like them. It’s important for us to make that differentiation or we’d be holding ourselves back.

Honestly, the mental struggle of tall gal is much more difficult than finding extra long tights or a proper long sleeve. A few years ago, wearing heels or oversize sweaters would’ve been preposterous to me. I have my own version of tall gal struggles, and chances are you do too. Maybe the best thins we can do is to just feel completely comfortable in our own skin first.


Author: Jin Cao

I am a multi-faceted designer, fashion blogger, makeup enthusiast, lover of cats, and connoisseur of ramen! Writer of LeggingsandLacquer.com Main fashion writer of Onahjung.com Find my work at Jinmartini.com

5 thoughts

  1. Ahhh I relate so much safety shorts are a tall gal’s best friend!
    Also, you know how I overcame the heels thing? You’re not freakishly tall, you’re model height, darlin. Strut around in those things like you’re on a runway, and you are! The runway of life! Just avoid pointed toes because those are actually really bad for your feet from a health perspective. 😅


    1. Thank you love! I’m not freakishly tall, but I get “you’re really tall for an asian girl” and when that happens I’m awkwardly saying “gee thanks…haha” :’) I actually never wear pointed toes cuz a human foot just isn’t shaped like that


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