I’m going on vacay! What I packed for a week in Cuba

A quote from one of my favorite anime goes kind of like “When we’re feeling stuck, it’s important to go on vacation to relearn the meanings of life and love.” Got to love anime for being so extra but so true.

Honestly, it’s shameful how last minute I can be. When I went on exchange for four months in Manchester, I did most of the packing the day of my flight. When I went back to China for two weeks, I did most of the packing after drinking the night before a morning flight. When morning rolled around, I was feeling so sick that my mom had to do most of it for me. Wasn’t my proudest moment. This time, I got it done one day in advance so I can share with you what I’m bringing! Aside from sunscreen and underwear of course.




I’m planning to swim just about every day of the week. Matching tops and bottoms are cute, but they get boring after a while. I’m always switching up my bikini pieces. It also hides the fact that I don’t own too much swimwear. Can you tell that I’m a big fan of bright colors and adventurous styles?

I’m a lazy shopper, but I always try on swimsuits. There’s nothing more awkward than having your wrong size and not enough time to do an exchange.


Workout gear


Is it weird that I’m bringing a yoga mat? Anyways, I’m also planning to an ab workout every day of the trip and go for a run at least a few times. At an all-inclusive resort, it’s so easy to gain weight and not even notice until you’re back home and all your jeans feel tight!

I also wrote a post a while back on looking fabulous while sweating bullets.


Beach clothes


I’m keeping my clothes simple- three pairs of shorts, two crop tops, a t-shirt, and a 3/4 sleeve top. I wish I could give some expert-sounding fashion advice here, but to be honest, I just pulled out all the casual shorts I own and the first four tops I saw. Since beige, blue, and black are staple colors, there’s really no way to mess up color coordinating.

Cover ups


In case it gets chilly in the evening, I’m also bringing a cropped sweater and an oversize hoodie. This hoodie was stolen from my dad and it’s my absolute favorite. He’d have to fight me to get it back! I’m also bringing a loose fitting dress that can also be used as a cover up.


Hair, skin, and makeup


Split ends are my worst enemy and there’s no way I’ll let vacation wreck havoc on my hair. Moroccan Oil is my holy grail. It’s expensive, but completely worth it. Without a really good argan oil, my hair would be hay. Notice the coily hair ties? I used to think they’re so weird, but I can’t go back to regular hair ties now!

I have a habit of hoarding samples and travel sizes in case I ever need them.

For makeup, I’m keeping it as simple as I can. For complexion, I’ll only use concealer and blush. I made sure to buy waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I’m also bringing a mini eye shadow palette and lip glosses, which I can’t live without.



Do you have any trips coming up? Or stories of last minute packing?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

Author: Jin Cao

I am a multi-faceted designer, fashion blogger, makeup enthusiast, lover of cats, and connoisseur of ramen! Writer of LeggingsandLacquer.com Main fashion writer of Onahjung.com Find my work at Jinmartini.com

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