My spring 2018 wish list

It feels sort of weird writing about things I want instead of stuff I already own, but here we go. I’ve been dressing like a potato sack all winter to keep warm, and now it’s finally about time to shed all those oversize sweaters. It’s shopping time!

Black skinny jeans with knee cutouts

Sunshine Pop Long Sleeved Bardot Top

I own a pair of black skinny jeans already, but they fit horribly. When I first tried them on after ordering them online, I was okay with the fit. But as I wore them, they turned out to be tight along the legs, loose at the hips, and tight at the waist. It’s a problem I imagine plenty of tall and slim girls have with finding good pants.

Anyways, I need another pair of jeans and decided I’ll try out the ones with knee cutouts so I won’t have two of the same thing.

Platform sneakers

All the cool girls know that the Steve Madden Vassar Silver Platform Sneakers are where it's at! These unique loafer-inspired sneakers have a metallic perforated upper, grey laces, and tan top-stitched welt. White and black 1.5" rubber sole.

Despite being between 5’6 and 5’7, I love heels. But heels aren’t the best shoe if you’re moving around or on your feet all day.

I fell in love with Stella McCartney platform sneakers when I was working at Nordstrom. To be honest with you, I’m definitely going to find a cheaper alternative. A versatile platform sneaker would definitely add some oomph to your outfit on a day when you actually have to walk.



Sheer top and bralette

top/ would probably choose more ornate bralette

I find the style of wearing a bralette (or even a tank top) under a sheer top so cute. I used to think it would only work on mannequins and models, but after I saw it on an actual human being on the street, I decided I have to try it out. I feel like a black bralette is another one of those wardrobe pieces that every fashion gal has to own. It works with a sheer top if just wearing a bra under it is too much. And they look great under oversize tops as well.

It’s such a flirty style to wear on a night out. Plus, it’d keep me motivated to maintain a flat stomach!

Dresses with sleeves

polka dot wrap dress

I have a ton of dresses- maybe around 12?? But I only have two dresses that actually have sleeves. My logic is that dresses without sleeves are easier to layer with. But then again, there are days I want to wear a dress without the need for something over it.

I really don’t operate on “summer” or “winter” colors. If I like a certain color, I’d wear it all year round. Clearly I deserve to be burned at the stake in the name of companies selling more clothes.

Faux leather skirt

ForeverNew Ada Button PU Pencil Skirt Main Image

My love for leather knows no bounds! I do have one faux leather skater skirt, and it isn’t the greatest quality material. For the spring, I’m thinking of a pencil skirt that can be dressed fierce or dressed more professional.

Can we have a moment to send wishes that I’ll find a pencil skirt that won’t turn into a mini-skirt?


Any suggestions or alternatives?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

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