March OOTD’s – pastel princess

Is it spring yet? Oh wait…. still feels like 0 degrees. Too bad, I’m going to break out the tights and dresses anyways. As opposed to last month’s most frequent OOTD’s (which was about less is more), this month I gravitated towards brighter colors, frills, and more accessories. Here are my favorite outfits of March!

St. Patrick’s day

This was my ensemble for brunch, day drinking, and an impromptu house party. I own not a single true green garment. Medium green is very difficult to pull off with my skin tone- it has to be much darker or much lighter. This blue-ish green dress saved me from getting pinched! My other option was dying my hair emerald green…

Since I don’t produce much body heat, I threw on a light cardigan and slimmed the silhouette with a wide belt. I matched the belt with rustic looking brown boots. I was so proud of myself for that!



An #extra work outfit

This floral bomber jacket is one of my most-worns this month. People keep asking me where I got it and freaked when I’d tell them it was from an Ardene’s outlet for $20. Usually, Ardene’s clothes are extremely cheap quality, but once in a while, you can come across something decent.

I honestly threw on this white collared top and black satin shorts before rushing out the door. Later, I started to really like juxtaposing dressy things with street wear. I originally wore this outfit with black glittery tights, but I felt like it was way over the top. I’d wear it with simple black tights…..if I hadn’t ripped the only pair I own!

Psst, I can’t bend down without flashing someone. #TallGirlProblems



Frilly, sexy party

This is the outfit I’m wearing to a party at a night club tomorrow. I bought this dress about five years ago and I’ve actually worn it quite a few times this month. One of the more memorable places is the Niagara Falls Casino. Honestly, I have no concept of “summer” clothes. If I really like something, I’d wear it all year round.

One of my favorite things about this dress is that it’s long enough to not have to wear safety shorts! Freedom!

I was debating between opaque white thigh highs, opaque black thigh highs with lace, and sheer black lace. My friend encouraged me to go all out with the sheer lace.



A birthday

My bestie and I dressed nice to go to a cute cafe on her birthday…only to realize it was closed down. But at that point we were already dressed.

These are the black glittery tights I mentioned earlier. I really wanted to give this outfit a youthful touch (in spirit of growing older). I also wore one of my statement necklaces- it’s rare for me to even wear a necklace at all despite having around 20 of them.

And yes, this is the only nice blouse I have. I keep telling myself to buy more dressy clothes but never do. The last piece of clothing I bought was a flannel, okay?



>3< ~Jin

Also check out my personal blog– going to be doing some makeup reviews soon!

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