Outfit inspo for first dates – love (and pollen) is in the air

I am writing from my couch today with a sore throat and just feeling blah overall ): So bear with me if anything I say in this post sounds loopy. First and foremost, what I’d wear to a date really depends on where we’re going. There are two types of settings: casual ones where you can throw something on, and more upscale ones where you have to put more effort into.

Casual settings

So this could be a coffee date, going for lunch at a chain restaurant, getting drinks at a student friendly pub, going for a movie, ect. This is the type of setting I’d honestly prefer. Not just because I’m a frugal person, but sometimes I get intimidated by going to a nicer place when I’m with someone I’m not close to. Does that make any sense? I’d already be antsy about wanting to make a good impression without having to worry about making a fool of myself in a nice place.



So clothing-wise, I’d prioritize comfort and mobility. So hooray for jeans and leggings! One thing I would not wear is heavily distressed jeans. I’m a wild child at heart, but a first date is not the place for it.

For tops, I’d totally wear something oversize but cute. Or I’d wear a top I can layer with a cardigan or faux leather jacket.

Only reason I’d stay away from skirts and dresses is that I feel it’s another level of effort. I guess a very simple dress, like a t-shirt dress would be okay though. A causal setting just isn’t worth a ton of effort…if you and your date are going to click, it will happen naturally.



Nicer places

So these types of dates are main going for lunch/drinks/dinner at a higher end place or hitting up an event in the city. I love adventure and good food, but this just isn’t my ideal setting for a first date. If I’m interested in someone and want to see if we can have a romantic connection, I want to be focused on them rather than the environment.

In this sort of environment, it’s socially frowned upon to not dress up. Welp…there goes my plan of putting in minimal effort.



Black jeans with a blouse are a good option if you’re not a skirt of dress person or if you’re not comfortable dressing up too much. And don’t forget to accessorize! Personally, I’m more likely to go for a dress since they are fairly simple to style. I’d layer a jacket over it, wear a pair of my black ankle boots and add a structured bag.


cateye / red lip. Add a black dress and pearls and that is what I'm going to look like at prom next year. I've already decided :)


My favorite makeup look for going to a nice place is black winged eyeliner and a crisp liquid lip. It doesn’t have to be a red lip- I often reach for berry or nude tones. This look doesn’t take a lot of time to do and it’s super elegant.


Of course, the most important thing to remember is always be genuine, be yourself, and the best connections happen on their own!


Hugs and kisses ~ Jin

Also check out my personal blog, makeup reviews coming soon!

Author: Jin Cao

I am a multi-faceted designer, fashion blogger, makeup enthusiast, lover of cats, and connoisseur of ramen! Writer of LeggingsandLacquer.com Main fashion writer of Onahjung.com Find my work at Jinmartini.com

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