April OOTD’s – Eternal Winter

We’re finally getting some sun back in Toronto! April was a weird month. It was almost spring and then it wasn’t. My top outfits this month prioritized keeping warm, but still using trendy pieces. Bear with me if I seem less perky/bubbly than usual, it’s been a weird couple days and I’m trying to let go of negativity while learning from the situation.

The one turtleneck I own


I practically lived in this sweater for the winter. Normally, I’m not big on turtlenecks. They look so elegant on others, but I’ve always found the neck park uncomfortable. I just don’t like the feeling of something right up against my neck. Even with chokers, I have to wear them extremely loose.

However the neckline of this sweater wasn’t too high for me. Plus, I loved the rose print. I’d wear this sweater with dark jeans or black leggings to look effortless.


Too Canadian?

Is it too Canadian to be wearing plaid and fur??

Once again, the embroidered rose pattern got me. It’s a cute touch though it gets hidden under layers. I have no idea when the rose motif became so popular but I’m all for it! Depending on the garment, it could look sweet or gothic.

I love faux fur shawls and vests, but have trouble styling them. I’m still quite new to more oversize silhouettes, as I’ve talked about in my Fashion Fears post. Anyone have styling advice for not feeling too bulky in faux fur?


Emo for life


I pulled this dress hoodie out of a Nordstrom clearance rack and instantly fell in love! Who else is super excited for Nordstrom Rack stores in Toronto?! Regular Nordstrom brands tend to be on the pricier end, but materials are very good quality for what you’re paying. I actually noticed their sweaters keep me warmer than my other ones.

All I can say for this outfit is once an emo, always an emo. *Cues one of my best friends belting out Welcome to the Black Parade at her birthday karaoke*


Simplicity remixed


If you’ve been following me, you’ll recognize this sweater from my February OOTD’s post. Well…I had to dig up all my winter sweaters again. Hopefully I can put them away for real soon. Anyways, back in February, I kept outfits very simple. But I this time, I tried the sweater with a pair of ripped jeans…and it’s a look! I used to not like wearing light/medium toned sweaters with medium toned jeans, but Alessia Cara in the How Far I’ll Go music video changed my mind. It was such a cute and simple look on her!


Bonus: when I ain’t leaving the houseP_20180425_124656_vHDR_On_1

No shame in showing you guys my PJ’s! If you visit me at my house frequently, you’d think I only own like 2 hoodies. Truth is those are the 2 I always wear at home and wash every few months.



Hugs and kisses


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Author: Jin Cao

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