Summer activities in Toronto for creative souls

It’s been a while since my winter activities post, so I decided to make one for summer as well! This summer is quite sentimental for me. It’s officially one year after graduating from University. One year of being in the adult world with no transcripts or profs to guide me. More importantly, a good friend of mine and I met a really awesome individual. She is just as creative and quirky as us, but she’s on Visa from Japan and leaving after Canada Day…so we’re making the most of the summer.

Credits to Dustin for my cover photo

Going to a convention

This one’s for my fellow anime/comics fanatics. Toronto is a hotspot for big conventions like Fan Expo and Anime North. It’s a great experience to go for one day and be surrounded by the culture. Or stay for the whole weekend and get the full experience. There are other conventions outside the city like Yeticon and Otakuthon that call for a road trip. Truly a wonderful experience when you’re around good friends.

Going to a convention is also a great way to get into cosplaying if that’s something you’re thinking about. The environment is generally very supportive and it feels pretty awesome when people ask for photos!

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Nature walks & road trips

When the seasons started turning, my friends and I wasted no time to see the cherry blossoms at High Park. Even off cherry blossom season, High Park is a wonderful place to spend a whole day walking and exploring. We spent the whole afternoon seeing the cherry blossoms and taking photos of each other. We ended up too tired to go to the park zoo! For me, being in nature has always helped clear my mind and put all my problems into perspective. Sometimes I get so caught up in city life, technology and social media.

On a less serious note, we found two massive swans that day. Here they are with my friends for scale



Barbecue season is upon us! It seems like each year, a ton of them happen all at once before they start getting more spaced out. A BBQ is a great low-key day hangout where drinking before 5pm is not frowned upon. I will always remember how my family and our friends would have bbq’s with the public grills at parks. We were all still relatively new to Canada and none of us owned grills yet. The adults would be struggling to start a coal fire while us kids just ran around in the fields.

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Friendly photo shoots

This is coming from someone who has walked runways and modeled collections- there is nothing like doing photo shoots with creative friends. There are no outside expectations and nobody is stuffy doing things exactly their way. We get to create our own story and bring it to life. Even though we are professionals, we get to let loose and have a lot of fun. Hopefully these shots from a winter shoot can speak for me.



As always, thank you for reading

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