May Lookbook – Quirky and Retro

To be honest with you, I feel like I’ve been wearing nothing but clothes that look like pajamas. So I decided to do something different with my usual end-of-month-OOTD post. Instead of sleep shorts, my dad’s old hoodie, and the same few shirts (I assume nobody wants to see that, but correct me if you do), you’ll be seeing the more polished looks that I could’ve worn. Because I ain’t about bending the truth!

Retro linen

This fit is something new for me since I either wear something form-fitting or totally oversize. This dress is an in-between. It ties at the waist, but it’s still quite loose. However, it was on sale at Suzy Shier for $15 and I love the print. So I had to have it.

Linen dresses are great for days you want to wear a flat shoe and not spend too much time getting ready. I talked about how linen dresses have become a spring/summer staple earlier this month.


A what-is-this dress

If you know how to describe this dress, please help me out because I am lost. I found it at Topshop and was drawn to it for some reason. It’s so different that I had to give it a try. To be honest, it ended up sitting untouched in my wardrobe for the past year. You know that moment when you think something is cute when you buy it? And then you take it home and start questioning your life choices.

I feel like it doesn’t look bad…but it’s so different from what I normally wear. Maybe I just have to bite the bullet and just wear it. Now I dare you to find an unloved garment in your own wardrobe and do the same!



White collar and denim

This is the summery, dressed-down version of jeans and a white button down. This top used to be an oversize button down that I never wore. Yes, another one of those buy it and never wear it moments. So I cut the sleeves off and it became one of my favorite layering pieces.

Here’s a ladies summer tip that I learned from working at Banana Republic. If you absolutely have to wear a blazer and a button down, but you feel like you’d sweat buckets in it, wear a sleeveless button down. It’ll keep your arms cooler.

Breezy floral

Psst, if you’re like me and hate wearing bras, try to find dresses with padding sewn in 😉

I was drawn to this dress because of all the thin layers. It looks kind of like the modernized version of a doll’s dress. Off-price retailers like Winners and Marshall’s (also Khol’s if you’re in the States) are my favorite places to shop for quirky clothes. There are two Nordstrom Racks open in Toronto now! Can you believe I haven’t gone yet?? Feel free to yell at me for this.



Hugs and kisses


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