June OOTD’s – Black IS my happy colour

Hello and happy summer, my fashion babes! It is time again for my monthly OOTD recap. This month, I often found myself going grungy one day and going elegant the next. It was a month of bold prints, another hair change, a new piercing, and the colour of my soul- black.

Dark florals


“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking…”

Which is why I’m a big fan of dark or muted florals. It combines playfulness with the versatility of more wearable colours. I always liked “dressing down” things that could be “dressed up”. This dress is one of the only modest lengths I have. (Everything turns into a mini on a tall gal!) I used to wear it with blazers all the time, but lately I’ve been dressing it down with a bomber.

Reading my skirt


I get so many comments on this skirt! It was from a clearance rack at the mall in China. If you’re looking to experiment with more quirky clothes, I recommend scouting the clearance racks. They are a mess to navigate and it could be hard to find middle sizes. But you’ll find clothes that hardly anybody else is willing to style.

To be honest, this skirt sat in my closet unworn for over a year. I thought I’d stick out too much. But this year, I decided to just go for it and not care if anyone gives me weird looks.

Moral of the story, something that you think would be too ridiculous to wear could actually get lots of compliments!



Schoolgirl inspired


As a manga enthusiast, I always found schoolgirl style very cute. Pairing an oversize sweater or cardigan with a short skirt could be so adorable. It’s comfortable, yet figure flattering.

It’s also practical for the summer. The sweater keeps you from getting cold in the AC and the short skirt keeps you from melting in the sun. I also get sunburned on my shoulders really easily so wearing a breathable outer layer is an essential.

Makeup tip: Brown lipsticks are trending, but are you hesitant to try it for yourself? I was in the same boat, but found that darker outfits with a bit of spunk matches incredibly well!


It’s just occurring to me that I went through a “dark and simplistic phase” last autumn as well…huh…

Leather and layers


One of my all time favorite clothing combinations is a biker jacket over a drapey, light coloured dress. There’s duality between something “tough” with something “soft”.

This was actually my high school graduation dress, which I bought literally the day before. My high school didn’t make a big deal out of grad. It was literally a free ceremony in the school gym. No robes or caps. No cake. So I didn’t know we were expected to dress up until my boyfriend at that time was shopping for a tie and asked me what I was going to wear. Yay for being last minute!


Hugs and kisses


You can also find me on my personal blog. A Wish makeup review will be coming soon!





Author: Jin Cao

I am a multi-faceted designer, fashion blogger, makeup enthusiast, lover of cats, and connoisseur of ramen! Writer of LeggingsandLacquer.com Main fashion writer of Onahjung.com Find my work at Jinmartini.com

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