July OOTD’s – Duality in shades of grey

If there was one word that describes me, it would be “duality”. I often feel like my life is cinematic reel of highs and lows. And the month of July had been riddled with them. It was difficult picking four outfits that really represented July since I’ve been all over the place with work, weekend trips, and casual days. So in the theme of duality, I’ve chosen two formal outfits and two casual ones.

Good news: I’m upgrading my phone to one with a muuuch better camera! So you can expect nicer pictures soon. Thank you for supporting my OOTD posts so far!

Formal 1

grey 1

A/C is both a blessing and a curse. I have no idea why some places must blast it. When you get cold easily like me, the only choice you really have it to layer up.

Interesting thing about my workplace is that I find customers tend to be more respectful when I’m in a blazer. They seem to look more certain that I know what I’m doing. Sometimes they even seem more energetic in conversation. One day, I wore a sweater, leggings and choker. Even though it was a put-together outfit, I was treated differently when I wore a blazer the next day.

Formal 2

grey 2

I actually snagged this blazer (along with a pair of ankle boots) at Value Village. My friend and I were thrifting for things to use for cosplay, but ended up also buying things for ourselves.

These Madden Girl platform slides I got from Winners have been my favorite this summer. They’re super comfortable. And I quite like extra inches without feeling like my feet at falling off by the end of they day.



Casual 1


My friends were making fun of me for this shirt when we were up at the cottage. I was the last person up on Sunday morning…and I did actually need help getting up.

Growing up Asian, I had never been to an actual cottage before. To put it crudely, our logic is “why go out in nature like rice farmers when you have a perfectly good home in the city?” There is not one single Asian family I know who owns a cottage. So when my friend opened up his family’s cottage for us, it was a new experience for many. I definitely recommend going to a cottage at least once a summer.



Casual 2

grey 4

I’m weak for sassy graphics okay? If I sent you the list of all the outlandish graphic shirts or sweaters I have my eye one, you’d either laugh along with me or run away screaming.

Once, I instagrammed a picture of my in a leather mesh shirt that said “Dump Him”. I asked my followers how they’d react if they saw someone wear it on the street. Somebody replied with “run far, far, away.” Sometimes, I buy a sassy graphic just to have it…which is not a good habit.



Hugs and kisses,

~ Jin

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Author: Jin Cao

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