Building a capsule wardrobe – All black in a chilly building

Capsule wardrobes always fascinated me because it doesn’t seem like a lot of clothes, but you can get so many combinations out of them! They’re also great for when you’re limited by dress code. I’ve been wanting to build one for a while….but it’s hard to do without specific guidelines. But now I have two- the dress code at my work is all black or mostly black. PLUS, the building is kept very chilly. 

Part 1: Tops


My wardrobe is very loosely based off of a Teacher’s Capsule Wardrobe from Pinterest.

For tops, I chose two solid black ones- a tank top with a waxy finish and a chiffon blouse. I also picked a floral peplum top for something more girly. For something casual, I picked a gray and black graphic tee.

They are decent layering pieces that can also be worn on their own.  I realized I need a basic black V neck. It’s a wardrobe essential that I somehow never had!



Part 2: Sweaters


I practically lived in this floral turtleneck all winter last year! I also realized that another wardrobe essential I’m missing is a slouchy black knit sweater like this one.

This sweater dress is also a frequently worn garment in my wardrobe. It’s a little on the alternative side for work if I wore it on it’s own. I find that a faux fur vest and red lips can up any fitted sweater dress. 



Part 3: Layers


Here’s another fashion confession: I’ve never actually invested in a blazer. I got the studded blazer for free at a clothing exchange. And the other one is from a thrift store. They both fit alright, but I’m not totally happy with them….I need to practice what I preach and get a good blazer.

For a while, I’ve had a hard time styling cardigans. I read that with cardigans, you should either go oversize or get a fitted button-up one. I’ve been living by that rule of thumb ever since.



Part 4: Bases


I typically enjoy wearing skirts and dresses with tights much more than pants. But all my dresses that look good with thick tights are colourful. Other than the sweater dress from Part 2, none of them would be good for work. So I chose four pairs of pants to wear regularly- black jeans, leathery pants, dress pants, and leggings.

Believe it or not, I’ve been able to wear the dress pants for over five years. I got them in my final year of high school and I guess my body hasn’t changed much since then. The jeans and leathery pants need to be replaces since they don’t fit the best.



Final Thoughts

Building a capsule wardrobe was surprisingly simple for me since it had to be all black. I’m super excited for getting dressed in the mornings to be easier now! I wasn’t expecting that I’d realize all the things I need to buy for my wardrobe. But now I have more direction for when I go shopping next.



Hugs and kisses,


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