Goof proof and effortless winter-to-spring outfits

Versatile, timelessly trendy outfits that are so easy to throw on.

I heard the word “goof proof” once and it somehow just stuck with me. Lately, I’ve been using it to describe everything- beauty products, graphic design…and now outfits!

Between winter and spring is a tricky time for me. The warmer weather makes me want to dress up, but it’s still too cold not to layer up. This week, I’ll be sharing several outfits that I’ve found very inspiriting.



Knit sweater, chunky belt, black jeans

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I’m not much of a belt person, but seeing this makes me want to go buy one! This is a fantastic combination of slimming and comfort. 

One of my old managers would wear this with ankle boots and her hair in a sleek ponytail. She always looked so polished in it, even though the individual pieces themselves are on the casual side.



Black camisole and cardigan

black lace camisole tank top spaghetti cami outfit casual, team with jeans &cardigans

Like the little black dress, every girl needs a little black camisole. Not the ones you use as an undershirt. I’m talking about one with a satin or velvet finish. And the more lace, the better!

Another reason to love the little black cami is that jewelry looks so good with it! You can really show off your collarbones when you wear it with a thin necklace. Add some collarbone highlight for extra pizzazz!



Denim jacket, white top, black leggings

25 Fantastic Denim Jackets: The Trend That Keeps On Giving

The great thing about this combination is that it looks effortlessly fashionable on everybody! You can wear a white sweater, hoodie, t-shirt, or cami depending on the weather.

A good thing about denim jackets becoming trendy again is that you can find some very unique ones in thrift stores. Personally, I like clothes with a few well-placed rips in them. If dress codes didn’t exist, about 80% of my clothes would have rips or holes.



White jeans and light-toned sweater

Outfits que te ayudarán a que la penosa que vive dentro de ti no te controle

Nothing says spring like white jeans or trousers. White, like black, is an extremely versatile colour that can go with virtually everything.

For a clean, fresh look, pair white with other light colours- such as light grey, pale pink, baby blue, and soft camel. If you’re mess-prone like me, make sure you accessorize with Tide To Go!

You can wear sneakers for a laid back look, or dressy shoes for a more business-like look.



Oversize white blouse, silver jewelry, blue jeans/leggings

white oversized shirt over jeans #womensfashion #ootd #outfits

This is essentially the warmer weather version of oversize hoodie with leggings. Knowing my love for oversize tops, who can be surprised?

Like the little black camisole, drapey blouses go extremely well with jewelry. Lower necklines and rolled up sleeves really accentuate the collarbones and wrists.

Of course, blouses come in all sorts of colours. A white one can give you such an elegant, dainty, clean look. 



Which of these combinations would you want to try out? Is there a particular ootd image that has inspired you lately?


Hugs and kisses,


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