My five fall style essentials

Anyone else not ready to let go of summer? This week, I’ll be moving on from summer essentials to fall staples. And I won’t be mentioning my beloved oversize hoodies this time!

Black and white skirt

Image result for houndstooth skirtImage result for houndstooth skirt

Gone is the season of breezy, flowy skirts. Heavier material skirts don’t look as off-putting if you must wear thicker tights to stay warm. I love wearing my black and white houndstooth skirt with thigh highs. It’s an adulty spin on the schoolgirl look.

Houndstooth, in my opinion, is a timeless print. I don’t ever remember it being all the rave. But at the same time, I’ve never heard anyone call it tacky or outdated.



Turtleneck top

Image result for turtleneck topImage result for turtleneck top

Another versatile fall staple of mine! Turtlenecks work great with jeans or tucked into a skirt. You could also wear it with trousers for a formal and cozy look.

I never liked turtlenecks much before…but after seeing them look great on so many people, I started seeing the appeal. Black turtleneck sweaters are so flattering. I’ve seen many people wear stacked necklaces with a turtlenecks, but I prefer them plain.



Heeled ankle boots

Image result for ankle bootsUNG81265_blck_0_1024x1024.jpg

You could never go wrong with a Chelsea boot. I’m a big fan of moto or combat style boots. Having a pair of heeled ankle boots that works with most outfits is a big time saver. 

Shoes are one of those things that you don’t need to have a ton of, but should invest in.  When I started buying better quality shoes, I thought “okay Jin, you only need about three pairs of nice ones.” And then my shoe wardrobe grew, and grew, and grew….oops!




Image result for womens joggers

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve heard anyone talk about joggers! Do people still wear them??

I’m one of those people who has “indoor clothes” and “outdoor clothes”. The moment I get home, I change into hoodies and sweatpants that I only wear indoors. When a shirt gets worn down, it becomes one of my indoor shirts.

It hasn’t been cold enough for heavy winter sweatpants, but it’s not warm enough to wear shorts in the house. Lately, I’ve been wearing joggers indoors and on lazy days.



Bodycon knit dress

Image result for bodycon knit dressImage result for bodycon knit dress

Every woman should have a bodycon dress for when she’s feeling fierce!

A long sleeved bodycon dress with heeled ankle boots is one of my favorite fall/winter outfits to see people wear. You can add a thick belt for an even more accentuated waist.  I, unfortunately, have “hip dips”. Whenever I wear a super form fitting dress, I throw on a light jacket to distract the eye.

A new knit bodycon dress is on my clothing wish list for this season.



Bonus beauty: Berry lipstick and plum nails

Image result for berry lips and nails

I’ve been into sheer or moisturizing lipstick formulas lately. I’ve broken up with matte lips for now! I’ve also been wearing a lot of black, plum, and burgundy on my nails.

But screw the seasons! If there’s a colour you love, wear it year round!



What have you been loving this season? Do you also have “indoors clothes” and “outdoors clothes”?


Hugs and kisses,


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