Top 5 accessories of a lazy fashion girl

I love sparkly things and bling. But I don’t have the patience to keep a huge jewelry collection or match my accessories to my outfit everyday. Here’s how I’ve been accessorizing my life with minimum effort.

Bedazzled phone case


The phone is an accessory we have with us all the time! Like cute stationary, the design aspect doesn’t add functionality, but it makes me happy.

We all have our own preference for how extreme we want to go with it. I like having more bling than “oh, that’s cute”, but not as much as “how do you fit that in your pocket?!” If you don’t mind waiting on shipping, I found that ordering from Aliexpress is the best way to get a wide selection for affordable prices.



Bag Dangle-things


Excuse my less than eloquent description.

Like a phone, a bag/purse is something we have more often than not when we’re going out. And there are so many possibilities! Who else covered their school backpacks with pins, keychains, doodles, and iron-on patches to personalize it? This is an adultier version of that.

Accessorizing a bag turns something generic that anybody can have into something with your personal touch. Plus, it’s extremely low maintenance.



Fashion barrette


If you already use bobby pins to keep your hair in place, this is an effortless way to inject some fun into your style.

Since I grew out my front bangs, I’ve been reaching for bobby pins nearly every single day to keep my hair out of my face. When I was demonstrating products at a makeup counter, I loved using hair accessories to feel unique in my uniform.



Stainless steel bracelet


I know we’re supposed to take jewelry off before showering and going to bed….trust me, I know. I just have no patience for taking jewelry off and putting it back on often.

I’m the type of person who wants jewelry that I can throw on an leave on for weeks on end. No need for accessorizing if you’re always wearing something!

If you have the sophistication to mix and match your jewelry everyday, I commend you.



Single statement earring


Do you like experimenting with unconventional things in your style? I bought a single earring back in 2016 and it changed the way I wore earrings forever. Screw being symmetrical all the time!

I love the single earring look. It’s eye-catching, different, and very easy to take on and off. The trick is to find an earring that’s the right level of obnoxious. It needs to pack a punch, but would look overbearing if there were two of them.



Considering I’m a magpie with shiny things, I wish I could be the type of person who can collect fine jewelry and actually wear it often. Most of what I have is fashion jewelry I bought on impulse and hardly wear. Maybe once I’ve leveled up in adulthood, I’ll be wearing fine jewelry, using luxury makeup brushes, and drinking Ciroc.


Hugs and kisses,

~ Jin

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Author: Jin Cao

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