Fashion tips to help beat isolation blues

I was just joking around about my laziness lately…anyone else indulging in some procrastination?

Cover photo by DeMorris Byrd on Unsplash


Get out of your pajamas


A major perk to working at home or being at home is being able to stay in your pajamas all day. I’ve hardly ever worn actual clothes the past few months. But wearing the clothes I sleep in all day every day gets pretty blah. My motivation is already so low that I really don’t need extra blah-ness!

Changing out of pajamas if helpful whenever I need a mood boost at home. Behold the phenomenon of clothing choices affecting psychology! Honestly though, there’s no judgment here if you’re living in pajamas. We got to enjoy it while it lasts.



Shop some online sales


I’m probably not one to talk, but there’s a line between taking advantage of sales and impulse buying for some excitement. As an impulse/stress shopper myself, sales can be very hard to resist.

If something has been on your wishlist or you plan to buy it sooner or later anyways, go for it while it’s on sale. But if you’re mostly using the sale as an excuse to shop, I’d say you’re better off saving your money.

I don’t need anything new for my wardrobe, but I’ve been using promotions to buy makeup I’ve had my eye on. I feel very lucky that I’m among the people who can shop during this time.



Keep a minimal grooming routine


Please don’t stop taking care of yourself. This is coming from someone who once went 10 days without washing or brushing their hair. It’s not fun…though I am a little proud of that record.

If you’re normally someone who puts effort into makeup/hair/nails, upkeeping a routine can give you a sense of normalcy. I’m usually on the higher maintenance side, so I’ve been tinkering with beauty routine that I can do everyday in 5 minutes or less. I’m trying to find a routine that uses products I want to finish, creates a cohesive look, and also doesn’t take too long. I haven’t quite gotten it down yet.



Do some streamlining


This tip could apply to anything you’ve accumulated a lot of. This applies to clothes, accessories, shoes, products, books, mementos…anything you collect.

A few weeks ago, I went through my wardrobe to reduce the amount of stuff in my closet. I had a donation bin, a trash bin for things too worn out for donating, and a re-visit bin for things I rarely wear but don’t want to part with yet. I took out the “uncommon” clothes (stuff I could see myself wearing, but not often), and cleared a space in my dresser for them. And thus, whatever’s left in my wardrobe are things I could wear regularly.

Now I got to do some streamlining for the accessories, mementos, and books I’ve accumulated. Organizing and de-cluttering is therapeutic whenever I find motivation for it.



I hope everybody is staying safe and sane.

Hugs and kisses,

~ Jin

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