Be Earnest with Home When We Stay-at-home

Even though it is boring and inconvenient when we are stay-at-home, I found that I never been so earnest to create the time with my home when I stay-at-home. It is the time I deeply realized that home is the safest harbor. Gradually, I found every piece of furniture and decoration, even each plant has its name and personality. The appearance of my home is more close to what my heart wants it to look like.

Getting along with the home is also an art of life which worth exploring. We can light a candle with a fragrant scent, place a flower with a lovely color, and enjoy the simplest things with your favorite dinner set. We can do these small actions every day and do not need to left them for a ‘special day’. Every day is a memorable yesterday. Instead of rushing through, we should slow down, and experience the small feelings that come with each event to make each minute more meaningful.

Home | Scent


Everyone’s home has a unique scent. When we smell a familiar scent, it can evoke a memory. It is not only about the memory of the smell itself, but also the emotional memory of the things related to this scent. There are thousands of ways that scents can be produced, with little details, little touches, little emotions that we may have overlooked. The scent of the home, like the soul of the home, tells the story of the master’s life in the first second when the door opened.


Home | Tone


The tone of the home is the most intuitionistic feeling besides the scent. The color temperature of the light source, the matching color of the furnishing, even the color of the carpet and adornment, affecting the hue of a home. The interior finish is hard to reprocess, so the furnishing has a crucial effect to decide the quality of the home. The color and pattern of the carpet, pillow, curtain, sofa all flexible tie-in adornment. It is an important part of upgrades for the home.


Home | Vitality


The vitality of the plant or flower also implies the environmental index of the home. Indoor gardens are the most important part of the home. When we cultivate a plant carefully, we testify the seeding plant starts to produce the little bud, then we enjoy the time when the vitality embraces us. We only need to give them sunshine, water, caring, and nothing more.


Stay-at-home should be delicate. Keep the good skincare routine, eat healthily, exercise and do some reading, also make up the time we missed with our home. When spring dawns again, we would step out of the house and enjoy the sunshine, the air, and the city.



~ from Yanfei~

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Author: Yanfei

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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