How to Wear Clashing Prints

It is summertime! It is the time to put on the cute dresses to enjoy the romance of summer. However, it is very hard to dress clashing prints like daisy dresses properly. Here are some tips for you to dress daisy pattern right:

Tip 1: Good texture

More transparent, colorful and thinner the clothes are, there is a higher requirement for the texture. The texture of the clothes is directly related to the presentation of the effect of the clashing prints. So be careful of the texture when you consider purchasing.

Tip 2: Avoid clutter

We usually see stylists or models wearing mix-and-match clashing prints but do not do it in our daily life.

The harmony of the entirety is very important if we want to present a sense of freshness. I like the one below, the black long dress with black sock heel boots and black sunglasses. The items are echoing each other. There is not much color of the daisy print, along with the color black, presenting the sense of elegance.


Tip 3: Your style is the most important thing

If you think you can not hold the large clashing prints, then reduce the area of prints. You are wearing beautiful clothes for pleasure instead of competing for the number of prints. The most important thing about styling is for looking good instead of looking fashion.

Here are some clashing prints items you should consider to put in your closet.

1. Daisy Dress


Every year SS season, daisy dress must be one of the TOP10 hit items in each e-commerce clothes online shop. The outfit presents the romance of women. Women like flowers would bloom in spring and summer. There is no risk to wear a black daisy dress. You can be a hip-pop girl by wearing a pair of white converse shoes or a baseball cap with the daisy dress. You can also wear a white cardigan to be like a french girl which is showing above.

2. Printed Shirt

Besides dresses, the printed shirt is also a must-buy item for “Summer Romantic Wardrobe”. The different styles can be matched together and present a feeling of elegance and vintage. The deep color inside of the shallow color would present a sense of layering. The street fashion above shows the brown printed shirt, with the ornament of daisy prints, is inside of a matcha color suit. This outfit offers a sense of retro and steady.

Have you prepared your clashing print outfit yet? Have you been ready to enjoy the summer?

Thanks for reading ❤


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Author: Yanfei

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