The Men Behind the Fashion Designers

When I was browsing each collection by each brand every fashion week, what touched me is not the design of the clothes, but more about the concept of the entire show and the design of the stadium, the site design. I believe site design lights up the entire collection and helps conveys the idea of the whole collection. I will introduce two site design masters in this article, be ready for the great photos.

Alexandre de Betak

89ef06800f83fb834acf9fc0c28c93ac(Bureau Betak for Dior)

He is the exclusive site designer for Dior, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri. His team Bureau Betak has built more than 1,000 shows over three decades. He is the man behind the Dior show. He has witnessed the change of generations of the designers. He could still listen to the ideas of every creative director and kept Dior’s DNA consistent.

His show is more like the installation art to me. He used new technology but not boring. There are too many modern and small touches in his design. The color for each show is unitary but the visual impact is rich.

He created two of my favorite shows. One is for YSL under the Eiffel Tower and the other one is the lavender field for Jacquemus. I could not tell how he comes up with these site design ideas, and how he understands the collection, and how he integrates the ideas from the creative director to the site. Everything looks so simple but so completely. He did not create something to grab the limelight of the collection but help them with the better presentation。

saint-laurent-pfw-2(Bureau Betak for YSL)

049c889c167b88d30354ad0e1b883929(Bureau Betak for Jacquemus)


I guess we are all familiar with OMA, one of the greatest architectural firm. AMO is the research and design studio, which like the brain trust of OMA. They designed shows for Miu Miu and Prada for many years. They created the architectural sense of order and space. The patterns are intricate but not vulgar.

hero_banner_big_DT(AMO for Prada)

I saw the architectural ideas from their design. They have the unique industrial perspective, the big square with sculpture in the middle, the way projecting images to the wall and the display screen like the architectural or visual arts studio presentations.

c794b69fa5bf7a8c150c4767bd4cb13c(AMO for Miu Miu)

Architecture is timeless. Fashion is ephemeral. AMO and Miuccia Prada both are showing us the possibility of a higher dimension beyond beauty and art.


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