4 chick flicks with memorable themes

You know those types of movies that you can watch multiple times without going “wow, this is actually not that good”? During this prime couch-potatoing season, I’ll be sharing some movies that I never get sick of.

The Other Woman and the theme of sisterhood


Too often, women are made to compete, envy, and despise each other when there’s no need for it. The message that stuck with me is “other women are not the enemy”. Great things can be accomplished when women put aside their differences and support each other. In the case of this movie, “great things” refers to revenge against a cheating, fraud-committing, misogynistic soon-to-be-ex-husband.

There is one beautiful scene where nothing is said, but nothing needs to be said. You’ll understand if you watch it! I might actually re-watch this tonight with a glass of wine!



Legally Blonde and the theme of individuality


Great things also happen when you’re wholeheartedly and unapologetically yourself. The key takeaway here is to be kind and do things your way. Although Elle’s motivation in the beginning was to get her ex back, she later learns to put herself and her own goals first. She defies conventions, stereotypes, and expectations to conform. She holds onto integrity when it would’ve been more convenient not to. When she was in a position to mess around with someone who had mistreated her, the thought didn’t even cross her mind.



Clueless and the theme of going beyond


I actually like Clueless more than Mean Girls! Wealthy, stylish, and popular Cher has her life set out for her. She could’ve stayed in that bubble forever, but she learned to think beyond herself and what “doing good” really means. She wanted to be more than a rich daddy’s girl. She wanted to learn more about the world and herself.

The scenes towards the end of the movie were relatable to me because I write a lot about the subject of growth. Growth is supposed to be confusing and often painful. No matter how much you already know, there will be times you’ll have to question everything.



Me Before You and theme of living


If you need to trigger a good cry, this is the movie for you. I came across the movie and novel during a rough time. It not only made me appreciate how precious life is, but also think about what it means. If you like movies that make you think afterwards, you’ll enjoy this. For me, the main theme here is what it means to live a fulfilling life. What makes life worth living? What can you do to live to the fullest?

There’s a novel sequel that I haven’t touched because I want to live in ignorant bliss that everything was perfectly fine after the events of the first book. Maybe one day when I’m ready to face reality.



Have I inspired you to watch or re-watch any of these movies?

Sending virtual hugs,

~ Jin

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