Simple & Little Things Make My Home Special

I believe flower has a special magic. When I was down, I would like to buy a bundle of flowers. My mood would turn bright when I saw them. This article is not about flowers, but the vases which carry the flowers. I believe the unique flower holders would give home special scenery. When I searched for the vases for my flowers, I found several interesting and unique forms of the vases and would love to recommend these for you.

Anissa Kermiche




I fall in love with this pot when I first saw it! So feminine, artistic, and sexy!

Anissa Kermiche’s vase has a bold female shape. Each piece has a whimsical look, so it is perfect for a colorful bunch of flowers to inspire a sense of strength. One of the most famous vases is LOVE HANDLES. This kind of vases has a strong sense of existence because of the big size, which would be good to put in the living room.


Open Object


The Open Object vase has the beauty of Oriental modernism, very and its color is composed of calm black, and white.

The breed of Chinese style tie-in when arranging a flower. You can choose the green plant of lily, linear for instance. The whole fit in the cold tone of interior decoration.


Lindsey Hampton


This brand is from Canada. Lindsey Hampton‘s vase will use more color. We can choose several colorful flowers to match the color of the vase. The vase is suitable for small and fresh decoration.


Valeria Basi



This is one of my favorite brands! These campaign can directly be my mobile-phone wallpaper. Valeria Basi has a strong sense of design, with geometric patterns as the design source. Each vase can be a piece of art. But, they can only fit in the single linear flower. This would achieve the perfect confluence with the line of the vase.


Are you start to search for these brands and consider the buy? Do you have some vase brands recommendation? Here are my thoughts about the home during COVID-19, please check it out. Do not forget to like this post!


Thanks for reading ❤

Yanfei ~

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