5 University Tips For Freshman From My Own Experience

When I was a freshman, I clearly knew that in such a group, everyone has gone through a series of complex psychological changes from the end of secondary school to the university administration office. The dream is a word we always feel far away because there are so many things to do in our life, we have no time to work hard for our dreams. Actually, it is really far away to talk about the dream because when we really think about our dreams, it’s really hard to tell where to start. In the evenings before I went to university, I was just like many other people, planning my life and being complacent. With every new vision for the future, my desire for university became deeper. In this way, I left everything, walked into the unknown life.

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Although a lot of people are saying that university life was very lax,  according to my understanding and observations, all the people who just enter the university, the first reaction is busy. The most strange is, sometimes tend to feel they haven’t stopped from doing anything, but at night, in a bed, I thought I didn’t do anything. Actually, this is not difficult to explain, because our daily life will be occupied by learning, more communication, training and so on. These things are different from taking the lectures, the feeling of things never can be finished. But as long as spend time in the right place, every minute I spend is paying me back and helping me.

Of course, most of the time, the only reason we feel busy is that I have a phone in my pocket. In university, I learned something called self-suggestion. Whenever I had free time, I think I’d rather check my phones instead of sitting around. Just read a few pages of the textbook, then want to give me a break time, to ease the mood. I was hoping it was only two minutes but when I checked the time, 1 hour pasted.  One hour looks like nothing, but it was delaying my pace of life, day after day, I can only repeat the failure of yesterday in the chaos. Therefore, after four years of university, many people will find that they have not really learned to grow up but live a more confusing life. As young adults, the first thing we need to realize is that our own path of life has already begun. Some people may ask whether it is too late to start running their own life after 18 years of life. In fact, I would like to say that our life, starting from freshman year, it just started. So, for any university student wondering what to do, I hope the following tips will help:

1. Have a healthy daily routine


One of the biggest differences between University and high school is that the university is given priority to large classes, a 3-hour lecture is common, and each person’s schedule is customized. It made me feel sometimes busy, sometimes has nothing to do, therefore, to develop a suitable routine is very important. Only when we have a clear idea of what time to get up in the morning, what time to go to bed at night, what time to do laundry, what time to study, what time to have fun, we can control our pace of life. This process may take some time for new university students, so I suggest you make a list of the things you need to do every day before forming a habit so that you can push yourself and not be overwhelmed by too many things.

2. Use your phone less! Use your phone less!

Every university students know how mobile phones and computers can affect us.  In general, most of the time we spend on mobile phones is spent surfing  Instagram and YouTube, while on computers, it is simply dominated by games. Mobile phone dependence has been a common disease in the current society, which cannot be solved by any means. Moreover, to be honest, our life is indeed inseparable from mobile phones. In my opinion, the way to minimize the usage time of mobile phone is to leave the phone in the room before go to the library. Some students may be afraid to miss any important information, but trust me, in the short efficient learning time, it is hard to meet any emergency notification, occasionally miss once or twice, then you would enjoy pure learning time, by contrast, is absolutely worth it.

3. Study hard play harder


The positive students in the university can be roughly divided into two kinds, the first is to immerse oneself in the library, constantly improve their grades as the only purpose. Another type is comprehensive development students, I can see them in various activities and events. It is difficult for me to judge which type of student will have greater success in the future. But I still hope that more people don’t spend four years just studying. University is a process of self-remolding, which requires not only the enrichment of knowledge but also the improvement of abilities in all aspects. Some people say that university is actually equivalent to a small society, but my personal experience is not so cruel, competition is certainly there, infighting is also inevitable, but it can not compared with the real adult society. Therefore, the university also gives us an opportunity to grow. I always believe that in such a society, people who are not good at communication can hardly achieve anything. Social relationships are made up of people, and it is communication that connects us. If you want to take the first step in your life, you must first learn to adapt to society.

4. Take a technical “part-time job”

I believe that taking a part-time job at university is also in the plan of many people. After all, free time is much more than that in high school. It is easy to understand the idea of experiencing life and making money with one’s own hands. However, doing a part-time job must have a purpose, just washing dishes, sending small advertising manual work is really only a waste of time. As for part-time jobs, I don’t know much about them. I can only give you some ideas. For example, some part-time jobs are of great help to the improvement of personal comprehensive quality. For example, compare your interests with those of others, such as making videos and writing articles, which can help your interests gradually become your abilities. In a word, the university is not necessary to do a part-time job but to do it must choose a technical type.

5. Develop a specialty


During the four years in the university, I believe cultivating a specialty is very important. The scope of this specialty can be very wide, but you must level it up during these four years. The criterion of eligibility is that even if you have nothing now, you can still make a living through your specialty. It’s not that we’re going to have a side career, it’s just that if you’re competing in the same industry and you have the same degree, the same background, it’s probably your specialty that will determine whether or not you stand out. This is what makes you great. It’s what makes you different. So I hope everyone who is graduating from high school or still in college has a good thing, to realize their potential, to prepare for a rainy day, always wait for the rainbow after the rain.

This is youth, we are full of hope, and how can we do nothing at this time. Life is in our own hands, and no one can change it except ourselves. Let the world see that you are strong and applaud your dreams before the curtain falls.

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Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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  1. Great post! Reading this reminded me of the times in first year when I felt so lost. It was scary transitioning from the listen-to-adults-phase to you-are-responsible-for-yourself phase. Post secondary is really eye opening, and then we graduate from post secondary and it’s on to another learning curve!


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