Cute fall outfit inspiration – I’m done with summer

My house is freezing in the winter and a sauna in the summer. Never in my life have I ever looked forward to fall this much. I’ve been living vicariously through Pinterest outfits.

Featured photo by olivia hutcherson on Unsplash

Tie dye hoodie

Is it just me or was tie dye a thing, and then it became tacky, and then it became a thing again? Tie dye that’s trending now usually has a coherent color scheme instead of being a neon rainbow. Well, I’m an avid lover of oversize hoodies anyways, so I would give this trend a try.

Something about this has an eccentric, artistic vibe. Wearing black leggings helps the colors stand out. If you want to amp it up, distressed black skinny jeans also pair wonderfully.

Chunky cardigan

I love a good chunky, eye-catching knit. It’s good for early fall, since these types of knits usually don’t keep chilly air out. You could dress this up with a classy camisole, or dress it down with a graphic t-shirt. Dainty gold or rose gold jewelry is also screams fall! I absolutely adore how dainty jewelry pairs with sweaters.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for some back-to-school sales. (I’ve been done with school for years, but hey, discounts!) I found out yesterday that Kate Spade is having a massive sale. I’m very tempted to buy one of her bangle bracelets….should I do it?

Turtleneck with skirt

I used to dislike turtlenecks, but now, I think a form fitting turtleneck is an essential. They can work on anyone! Simple white and black ones give a polished look to anything you wear it with. Nothing screams fall like a plaid skirt, and the color combinations are endless.

This is an outfit that can work with just about any outerwear. It would be adorable with a trench coat and over the knee boots. Or you could give it a rebellious edge with a moto jacket and combat boots.

Moto jacket

In case I haven’t said it enough, I love love looove pleather jackets. It’s one of those pieces I collect. My favorites are my black studded one, sleek blazer-like one, and embroidered sky blue one. But I’ll take one in every color and style under the sun, please and thank you!

At some point in my life, I do want to invest in a genuine leather jacket. I feel like it’s tricky finding a leather wear brand that’s stylish, high quality, and reasonably priced for what it is. If you have any recommendations, please drop them in the comments.

Long leather skirt

This is such a powerful, badass, bow-down-to-me statement piece. I bought one when I was shopping in China a few years ago, but never wore it.

I feel like it’s tricky to find the right tops and shoes to wear with it. I don’t know if anything I currently have would would pair well. If you’re one of the badasses who pulls this off, please share your ways!

Mom jeans

Mom jeans is another trend I initially disliked. It looks great on other people, but it’s something I can’t imagine on me. You know what I mean?

Last summer, one of my family friends gave me a brand new pair of loose jeans that she never wore. I suppose they do look cute with a casual top and sneakers. I’ll have to play around more to find combinations that really work for me.

Just because I’m not going out doesn’t mean I can’t dream! What are some outfits you’re excited to wear?

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