Why Do I Start Writing? Why I Am Here?

Why do I start writing? Why I choose the most primitive expression in such an era? Or what writing can bring for us. All of us are crazy about TikTok. We are brainwashed by the songs again and again. When we are constantly scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, does it make any sense to write in the world of Blogging? But when we put down the phone, whether we have seen enough of the colorful world in the phone, whether how tired we are for other people’s stories, whether we have something to say to ourselves in the mirror, so, for answering these questions, it is the time to write down our own story.


Of course, there is no denying that writing is no longer confined to pen and paper, nor is it just a bottle of wine and a lamp. Times are changing. The development of science and technology not only brings convenience to our life but also changes our thinking. I believe, even though everyone is an island, everyone is eager to be liberated. Our stories, whether hurt or not, whether happy or sad, are worth remembering by ourselves and worth sharing with others. Just like sending a letter, we sometimes imagine the joy of someone on the other side when reading it, as we all do, hovering between seclusion and longing care. I believe writing gave us a chance to release ourselves, Instagram, Facebook, and all kinds of social media platforms, also has become a very good writing platform for our stories. Our comprehension, immediately can link to the world, don’t need anything of routines, and someplace in the world, someone will be touched by the article. Writing is the most primitive form of communication, but it is also the most sincere and unadorned form of mind communication.


Why do I start writing? As a freshman, many people don’t think I need to write, because no matter how much I write, nobody would read it. However, the weight of a writer, can not be measured. I didn’t write for the money, I didn’t write for the job, I didn’t write for the extra page on my resume, and I never thought I’d be a writer one day. I don’t have a lot of stories. I don’t have a sophisticated style of writing. But I believe that no matter how childish my writing is, it can not hide my energetic heart and I can write what I want.


There are a lot of writing stories, so I hope that more people can experience their own words, feel the world with their hearts, and write their own stories. We can touch ourselves and listen to our inner voices. You have your story, regardless of happiness and sorrow, are worth to be treasured.

Tonight, do you feel there is emotional repression in my heart, waiting to be released…

Please write down your story, I am here to listen…

If you are writing, please like this post, you can also share your experience with me in the comment section

Thanks for reading. Good Night~


Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

8 thoughts

  1. Yanfei, thank you for such a insightful story on writing. Like you, I question many “why’s” of writing especially when our life is moving at a such a speed. It does feel like an ancient craft no one seems to paying attention. One lesson I had over the years of writing is that “it clears my thinking”…I know it is a strange concept; writing helps with thinking! With a fuzzy thinking of one or more ideas, by start “organizing” my thoughts in writing, the fuzzy idea somehow turns into a coherent writing…

    I am finally understanding the advice, “JUST start writing bad ideas” and somehow along the way, you would stumble upon the good ones.

    Great job and look forward to reading more of your insightful stories:)


  2. hii Yanfei. Thanks for allowing to share our stories here. I’m Poorwa. Really I don’t have any special topic for my blog and don’t have so much exciting stories but when this world turned upside down, I just wanted to do something, I wanted the people to listen me, I wanted to talk and share all my feelings, so I started my blog in the pandemic frustration.
    I never thought of being a writer, I just want to be myself and share my thoughts. And I’m truly having fun in this blogging community.
    Thanks for giving your time in reading this comment. Take care!


    1. You are so sweet. Thank you for keep writing. I always have a notebook for writing down some words show up in my mind. I believe this is the way I record my growth track. When I looked at the sentences I wrote 3 years before, I was aware of how much pressure I was facing at that time. So I am extremely proud of myself now, which makes me more confident. So please, keep writing.

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