Some Tips For Improving The Home “Aura” Easily


I am living in a small studio. I do not want to share my home with a roommate so I chose this style of life. When I moved in, I always thought “It is just renting space. I do not want to decorate because I will leave eventually.” But until now, I have spent 2 years in this small space. The aura, the atmosphere of the home, is affecting my mood every day in a subtle way, as well as the attitude towards life.

Especially when I hang out to come back late, the moment when I opened the door. The feeling between “seeing the messy room” and “seeing the clean and gentle room” is totally different. So here are some suggestions I would offer which is simple and would change the mood of the home entirely, for creating a “comfortable space for myself’.

  • Add the lively greenery elements
  • Choose only white and plain colors for household items
  • Create “white space” with a hole board
  • Partition clothing storage to distinguish seasonal and seasonal clothing
  • Leave no shoes on the floor and gather them into the corner

The present room is a place where I can relax and do whatever I want


@Springer Garden

Green plants are probably the best home decoration with the highest input/output ratio! You can easily buy the small plants on the table or next to your laptop. You can put the big plants on the floor. Green plants can always add energy to your home. The plants and the pots can be the amazing decoration to your space.

Choose white and plain color only for household items

The unity of color is very effective in creating a visual “sense of cleanliness”. I had a lot of colorful towels, colorful storage boxes before. They cluttered in a space and would be very chaotic. Especially when I took a photo of my home, the multi-color is miserable. So this time I bought white bath towels, white sheets, and pillowcases, white laundry baskets…Also, there is not too much furniture in my home, so the entire space looks clean, neat, and bright.

Create “white space” with a hole board


The advantage of the pegboard is it can spread out the objects on the desktop originally, to the wall, so the desktop looks more clean and organized. You can easily buy a board like this in IKEA which is not expensive and you can buy more if you want more.

Partition clothing storage, distinguish between seasonal and seasonal clothing

With this move, I finally have time to do my laundry

Here are a few things I did:

  • Fold all out-of-season clothes into the bin and stuff under the bed
  • Distinguish between “foldable” and “non-foldable”
  • Fold clothes into tops and bottoms, tuck them into a storage bin in your closet, and hang all non-foldable clothes

This makes it easy to find any item of clothing and won’t clutter up as the number of items increases

One last tip — Create your own “Ideal Space Notebook”

This is the way I saw a blogger share his dream management — to “embody” his ideal home:

Like what the bedroom looks like, what the kitchen looks like…This gives me the inspiration for what specific layout decoration I want. I can also think carefully about what kind of home I want to live in, what kind of space it would become after all.

Then, bit by bit toward an ideal intention to draw close to, I will live in the home I can live forever.

Whats your tips for decorating your space? Share with me and

Thanks for reading.


Author: Yanfei

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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