The Fact of Life: Basic vs Advanced Life, Many People Get The Order Wrong

Many people ask me, “Why do you have so much energy and time to do so many things every day?” I’ve found that a lot of people’s confusion comes from wanting to change, but not having the motivation.

“Fake self-discipline” and “intermittent efforts”, “continuously mixed eating and other death” have become daily portrayal. Some people want to live a meaningful life, only stay at the mental level. Once they open the mental level of imagination, they will fall into the endless cycle of anxiety.

The human brain is a monocore, when we focus on the level of consciousness, we can not calm down to do things. When we have more than one thought in our head, we not only can’t settle down to do things, but we also start to get anxious.

I used to think too much and do too little, often floating in the air, but over the past year, I’ve proofread and tested my inner vision, and I’m determined to be a long-term activist.

This year, I have often wondered why so many people feel bored, unable to live the life they want, confused and anxious occasionally. Life is simple, but we are too complicated.

If we don’t do what we should do well, we fantasize about an illusory life. We become lazier and lazier, too lazy to build our lives by heart; We don’t want to think and stop growing, so we are willing to build up the life we don’t like day after day.


❤ ️ 01 don’t “fool yourself”

I’m too lazy to prepare the clothes and accessories before going to bed for the next day. I’m too lazy to spend 30 minutes doing vibrant makeup. Even if they have time to cook on weekends, I don’t bother to cook for myself. I was too lazy to clean my room. All my clothes rushed out of my closet when I opened it. My hair floated all over the house after I took a shower.

In addition to “fooling ourselves,” we have a list of unimportant, non-urgent bad habits. I can’t go to bed until I run out of battery on my cell phone. I can never go to bed early and get up early for more than a week. There are 20 days in a month when I start my diet again. Giving up fried chicken and Coke is impossible.

These unimportant, non-urgent habits often wake us up at the hospital and come back again and again.

We don’t have to compete with others for family background, talent, and intelligence. As long as we can consistently go to bed and wake up early, and use our early hours wisely, we are already ahead of most people, because 90% of people can’t consistently go to bed and wake up early.

Once we get up and stop fooling yourself, our life will become more and more romantic.


❤ ️ 02 “work more carefully!”

In his later years, Freud, the famous Austrian psychologist and the father of psychoanalysis, was asked what is the most important thing for human beings. Based on decades of psychological research and insights into life, Freud summed up two words: Love and work!

“People who are mentally healthy work hard and love hard, and as long as they do those two things, they don’t have a problem doing anything else.”


I think of times in my past when I was extremely anxious, either because I didn’t do what I should have done or because I was so stressed because of my incompetence.

The “A compass to fulfillment” by Kazuo Inamori is one of my favorite books. When I have no motivation, I often turn to this book. He wrote: “Extremely serious work can change your life. The prerequisite for happiness in your heart is labor.

You haven’t done your best. Why should people like you? For our business, do our best first, and then check how others see it.


❤ ️ 03 cease to grow

Growth is part of our body’s genetic code, and once we stop growing, we feel the more meaningless and empty.

Thinking is a brain-consuming thing, so people prefer to read books and watch movies rather than write reviews for books and movies because writing reviews requires thinking.

Most people are willing to put up with a job they don’t like, day after day, and never go out of their way to pursue a life they do like, in order to avoid thinking about real problems.

“Who Am I”, “What is the meaning of my life”, “What do I want”, bid farewell to the basic problem of food and clothing, make certain achievements, people will start to explore the meaning of life.

Reading, exercising, and working hard is all about creating a good life, while learning and growing is a process of constantly exploring the meaning of life.

Once the meaning of life is clear, people will not stop moving forward. On the contrary, he will be more focused on achieving the meaning of life, seriously living, learning, and growing, hard work.

He doesn’t want to do three things a day, he doesn’t want to do three things a year, he only wants to do one thing in his life. In addition, he devoted the ordinary and ordinary hours of every day to this one thing.

Those who continue to learn and grow know that today is what matters most to them. Stand in the future to judge the present, live in the future, also live in the present, conscious, self-aware, self-disciplined, and efficient.


What is a full and meaningful life? I think I can give the answer now. A meaningful life can also be divided into the basic version and the advanced version.

To be able to get up, determined not to fool ourselves, more serious work can achieve the basic version of a full and meaningful life. Further learning and growth, exploring the meaning of life, and finding a mission in life can help us live a more meaningful life.

Many people have not yet lived out the basic version of life, eager to seek the advanced version of life, to achieve life skipping. I believe that when we get out of the advanced version of life, the advanced version of life is also beckoning to us. But when we’re not living the basic version of life, it’s hard to live the higher version.

Sometimes, ordinary life is our greatest life ideal, the basic version of life and higher-order version of life draw the equal sign, the meaning of life hidden in ordinary simple daily life.

Are you ready for your life?

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Thanks for reading.


Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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