“Rich Girl Style” Seems Very Popular These Years?

There is a fashion style I never tried out, which is from the brands like Maje and Sandro, their dresses are straight and plain. This style seems formal with the shirt collar and plain waists part. They seem not highlighting femininity, but they are short. After doing the research, I believe this is the style of the Bourgeois.

The history

Bourgeois, is derived from the French word “Bourg,” which originally meant a market town or a settlement within a wall. As early as the Middle Ages, people who lived in small towns were known as “bourgeois”, as opposed to peasants who lived in the countryside.

By the 17th century, with the development of society, the term “bourgeoisie” took on a new and critical meaning and gradually developed into a synonym for social and cultural conservatism. In 1670, The French playwright Moliere created a musical comedy called Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, which made fun of an innocent Bourgeois social-climbing Bourgeois who employed tutors and fashion consultants to adapt himself to the upper-class standard of living.

The criticism of literary and artistic works shows its influence on social culture. Opponents argue that bourgeois dress is dressed in a certain way and way of thinking, and for a long time, bourgeois lady dress would be associated with the stereotyped and boring image of a housewife confined to the daily routine.

On the other hand, many people still yearn for the refined, aristocratic but unconventional bourgeois herself and the life system behind it. The style of Catherine Deneuve, the heroine of the French film “Belle DE Jour”, has been described as a typical example of the bourgeois style, which reached its peak during this period.

Belle DE Jour

Interestingly, Yves Saint Laurent, who was the film design director, has said in an interview that he dislikes the so-called Brchoa style and prefers “They’re boring” (I agree with you Sir Yves) Mr. Saint Laurent’s friend and well-known fashion icon Betty Catroux Shared his views, once also expressing her dislike of Bourgeois. It is also said that to this day, the attitude of some French, especially Parisians, towards bourgeois is still contemptuous.

The bourgeois revival

It is interesting that in recent years’ runway shows. I saw more style like Bourgeois. The bourgeois revival was also seen as “the counterattack of the fashionable rich women”. Fashion website Mille argues that streetwear was born out of hip-hop and skateboarding culture, initially defined by its provocative, rebellious stance. But as streetwear has infiltrated luxury brands, what was once seen as an irregularity has gone mainstream. Millennials, constantly on the hunt for “something different,” have found that trying out old-fashioned elegance makes them stand out. After all, fashion, in a certain context, has almost the same meaning as rebellion.

Balmain 2020 FW
Celine 2019 FW
Celine 2021 SS

This style looks like a mess to me. I can not find any style or color harmony there. They also make luxury brands not “luxury”. But I have to admit, even half a century later, the bourgeois style is still fascinating: it can cope with the busy work of the day, but it is not rude to need to go to a date after work. Perhaps this is the real reason for its return to popular favor: the fast-paced lives of modern people, especially overburdened urban women, and the ease with which they can work and socialize without having to spend all their time vacating before going out.

An interesting statement I have read before: Bourgeois style was popular in an era of abundance, stability, and rapid development. When the economy is in recession, people will naturally reminisce about the good old days, which also revives the once-popular style.

Never think that “fashion” is a superficial thing, politics, economy, culture, art… All kinds of marks and marks left by The Times will be shown in the most straightforward, easy to understand, and closely related to everyone’s life. It’s just that sometimes we need a little patience and time, and when we look back, we find that everything is tractable, not just the simple “fashion is a cycle”.

What do you think about Bbourgeois style, will you try this style and are you wearing it? Share your thoughts with me.

Thank you for reading~


Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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