Confronting the Inundation of Our Time With a Simple Lifestyle

I believe we got a huge impact from the covid, I spent more time to be with myself. I believe my lifestyle is becoming as simple as possible. I know a lot of my time was flooded by a lot of things. The simple life would help me make life more under control and help me fight against the things that flooded my time. In the past, I felt busy but when I looked back I did not know what I was busy for.


The texture of the time is very important, a lot of things would easily drown our time. Without the experience of the time, we will not grow, or will not settle down to do things, nor feel the beauty of things. Sometimes I felt like I was in the chaos, time is the only thing I could find in this chaos, it like a dim point of light to guide me to walk, then the time became the road we walked through.

For everyone, a lot of things can be solved if the time is long enough, however, time is limited. So it becomes important how individuals control, perceive, and use their own time. Time is easy to drown us and destroy us, and it is also easy to drown other things. We do not spend much of our lives doing our own thing or getting along with time. We get too consumed by the little things in life, by the boring things in life. Sometimes we experience sad things and this sad emotion can last for years. From time to time, sad emotions will come out and infect all our thoughts. Overall, sadness is good, this is a kind of emotion releasing that would help our body and mind. However, it is different from boredom and emptiness, they are the enemy of time. In many cases, time is in a rout in front of boredom and emptiness.

If time is a container, then in this container, there is moonlight, there are plants, there is sewage, there is residue.

Some people would feel the sense of life suffocation, as their time is wrapped in many things, and even can not breathe. As we grow up, we will see a lot of things that drown out our time, and when we are immersed in this kind of inundation, we are completely trapped by these things. When I was in school, I loved watching YouTube all day but now I found I was not that interested in these videos anymore. I was having so many hobbies and now I just want to get my jobs/works done. I believe I was busy with my school study but actually, I was not sure whether I was studying the subjects suit me. Now I started work and I have become more focused, also I have learned enough from these videos and I can control my own life. When a person cannot breathe freely in time is unlikely to do anything of value.

As we grow up, we all have a sense of being submerged, where things are like a rive, drowning us in the water, and it goes on and on. We get caught up in a fight with a lot of things, and it takes a lot of effort to get rid of that fight, that sense of submergence. If one can get rid of the feeling of submersion, then one’s mind will be extremely clear. When our body and mind is filled with many things, we need to spend some time to clean up the mess and wash away the mud.


So I would recommend you to live a simple life like me. A simple lifestyle would make everything clear and smooth. We can easily distinguish what should be abandoned and what should be focused on. When I meet with those things that are not very good for me or will consume me, my inherent aggression and emotion are not that strong anymore. I am aware there is no absolute victory in this world and I will follow the fate of joy and sadness of life. I will keep the balance with things and keep reflecting on each other, I will not let things to drown my time.

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Thanks for reading.

Yanfei ❤

Author: Anfy

Dream(ak)er. Graduate of the University of Toronto. Studied Architecture, Visual Arts, and Art History. Freelance fashion model, video maker/ social media manager, UX/UI designer. Being expressive makes me alive, being creative makes me curious.

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